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Thread: Can't remember who, help

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    Default Can't remember who, help

    The first live Nationals competition I saw was pairs 1988. Who was Peter Oppegard's partner? Incredible drop-down from a lift right in front of me. Oh, does anyone have a recent update on Debi Thomas? Last I heard was the W. VA situation 2015, hoping things improved for her.

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    Peter skated with Jill Watson. She was coaching Inoue/Baldwin at 2003 Nationals and I got to chat with her a bit (well, gush). Havenít heard about Debi lately.

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    Thanks! It was driving me crazy. I could have googled it, I guess, but throwing the question to the Forum is way more fun.One of the best things about Michelle being so visible - hearing from you. Missed you and the others

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