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Thread: Gymnastics Anyone?

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    Default Gymnastics Anyone?

    Did anyone watch Worlds last weekends. Although the favorites were out with injuries, it was a great meet. Lots of emotional performances, Ellie Black won silver at home. If you haven't seen Morgan Hurd, you should check her out. Even if national champion ReganSmth was out with an injury in warm-up; Morgan's gold in the all-round was epic. This is her first year as a senior, but she has that something special that makes her more than this year's AA World Champion. It will be fun watching these young ladies as they head to the next Olympics.

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    I saw a little bit of it. I thought Morgan did very well, but all of the competitors were lucky that the veterans were all taking a break.

    BTW, I think this belongs more in Random Chat, so I'm going to move it.

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