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Thread: Always Great to See Michelle's Name Mentioned!

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    Heart Always Great to See Michelle's Name Mentioned!

    Phil Hersh wrote an article about some of today's skaters. He saved his mention of Michelle for the very end of the article--10/12/17.

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    I love the video....she made that jump look so easy.

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    I think Phil Hersh will always have a soft spot for Michelle. That jump looked fantastic.

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    I am SOOOO glad that I'm not the only one who thinks Kostner's scores are ridiculously overinflated!

    And that Michelle is STILL the best in the business!

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    I am with you michellesmom with regard to Michelle and Kostner.

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    QUOTE: "As I tweeted early last week, I can easily see Mirai Nagasu adding a U.S. title to the one she took in 2008. (No U.S. woman has won titles 10 years apart. Michelle Kwan and Maribel Vinson did it nine years apart....."

    Another skater worth watching for her long-term ability?

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