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Thread: How Michelle Lied to move from Juniors to Seniors

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    Default How Michelle Lied to move from Juniors to Seniors

    Found this obscure article:

    - "Last year [1993] she moved up from the junior to senior division -- in a sneaky fashion. Lying to her parents, Kwan told them that her coach, Frank Carroll, said it was okay to take the senior competition test, when he specifically had said she wasn't ready. She took the test when Carroll was out of town. And passed easily.

    - "He was really mad," she said. "He said it was a whole new ballgame. I'd have to work 200 percent harder." Carroll's plan had been for Kwan to continue competing at the junior level for a few more years before moving up. After passing the test, she was disqualified from competing in junior level events."

    What a little spitfire! Going against her coach's wishes

    ALSO an obscure image I've never seen before: Lake Arrowhead's Ice Castle (closed) 1996

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    Hardly obscure. It was the talk of the town 24 years ago. But yeah, she was a little spitfire in those days. Maybe that's what she means by "taking control of my own skating." Anyway, it all worked out for the best.

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