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Thread: Hoping Michelle Attends Figure Skating in Harlem Gala--5/2/17

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    Heart Hoping Michelle Attends Figure Skating in Harlem Gala--5/2/17

    I hope that Michelle attends the Figure Skating in Harlem Gala on May 2, 2017. I have been following this wonderful event for years and have seen Michelle there time and time again. She was an honoree of the organization in 2014.

    Figure Skating in Harlem posted this "Throwback Thursday" photo of Michelle with some of the skaters: (from 2005)

    This year, Sasha Cohen will be honored. Scott Hamilton will also receive a special Power of Inspiration Award. I will be surfing the internet--hoping to catch a glimpse of Michelle!
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    Thanks for the reminder, Teach. I will also be looking for Meryl Davis. Meryl is a co-chair for the new Detroit branch.

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