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Thread: Michelle and Clay are ending their marriage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman2 View Post
    it seemed like Clay never completely got over losing the governor's race.
    He should learn from Abraham Lincoln, who lost his first election (and several more after). I wonder if Clay Pell said, "You're never home." If Michelle's instagram is accurate, she did a LOT of traveling after the governor's race. Partly for her job, but also campaigning for Hillary.

    Her last photo with Clay was way back in August 2015, and he may not have liked that rarity. He may have thought 'My wife's never home.' So after a year he finally requested divorce (November 2016). Or she did

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    Quote Originally Posted by theaveng View Post
    QUOTE: "Michelle Kwan said that Clay Pell misled her to delay bringing action in Rhode Island after the couple began discussing divorce in November." Clay Pell sounds like a typical lawyer... delay the action, so he could file the divorce in California (and try to get her personal possessions from that state). He even kept it SECRET up to the day he sent a tweet! ....... Why? Because as a lawyer he knew CA would be far more "profitable" for himself than divorce in Rhode Island.
    I agree. Sounds dishonest ("misled her" as Michelle put it).

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