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Thread: Possibility of Clay Running for RI's Lieutenant Governor

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    Newspaper Possibility of Clay Running for RI's Lieutenant Governor

    According to the following article, there is a possibility that Clay may run for LG of RI: (Paragraph #4)

    Clay also had a speaking engagement---interesting subject matter: (a couple of negative comments)
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    I think Clay might go for it (running for Lieutenant Governor). It seems pretty clear to me that he is itching to get back in the fray in some capacity or other. It is a losing proposition for anyone to run against Gina Raimondo for Governor. She will probably be unopposed in the Democratic primary.

    But the Lieutenant Governorship is a completely different race and one that is independent of the governor's race. These rumors about Clay running for something (he was also mentioned for State Attorney General) are being floated by the teachers' unions and other educational interests. The incumbent Lieutenant governor is big on diverting public funding away from public schools and toward charter schools. So is the just-ratified national Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. The public education people, led by the teachers' unions, would lobe to have a person in state government who is as strongly pro-public schools as Clay is. Clay also would be an enthusiast partner with Raimondo on economic issues and on programs focusing on women's issues.

    Rhode Island is such a weird state, politically speaking. Anything can happen. But an unabashed old-school liberal/progressive like Clay ought to be able to attract voters' support.

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