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Thread: Was Sarah Hughes' LP in 2002 the most difficult Olympic program ever skated?

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    Default Was Sarah Hughes' LP in 2002 the most difficult Olympic program ever skated?

    I was re-watching Sara Hughes LP at the 2002 Winter Olympics and was wondering. Is this the most difficult - technically - skated program so far at an Olympics by a woman? Of course I'm still disappointed that MK didn't win Gold - for all sorts of reasons - but when I go back and watch this program of Sarah's I am always inspired by her "go for it" attitude and literally trying both of these triple-triple combinations that seemed really effortless.

    Okay, that being said, how many deductions these days would be taken for any flutzing, and can any of you reading this dissect this program technically and compare it with later gold medal performances (Yu Na Kim, the Russian who won the most recent Olympics), etc.?

    Here's the link again:

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    Technically, if you do not count the flutzes and underrotations I guess it was the most difficult. My guess will be, barring any injuries, Medevia will surpass everyone at the next Olympics .She has the most difficult programs of anyone who has ever skated.

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    Why would Sarah's program be technically more difficult than say Mao Asada's programs in both 2010 and 2014 where she landed triple axels?

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