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Thread: 2016 Skate Canada

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    Just read an article in USA Today about Gracie Gold, talking about her weight. And it's true, she hit it on the nail when she mentioned that a lean mean body type is required to do all the triples. Losing weight and keeping that weight is hard.
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    Mirai's SP and LP were both gorgeous and her dresses were drop-dead beautiful! Please please don't give up
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    OMG! Medvedeva is a bored to watch. She is SLOW and has stiff knees... definitely NOT in the league of Yuna Kim.. sorry, she is overrated.
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    Nobody is as overrated as Patrick Chan. How on earth does he win when he spends half his program on his rear end? Chanflation is alive and well and living in Canada.

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    Agree about Chan, never understood those high component scores; but I disagree about Medeveda; I love her skating and she has way more technical difficulty than Yuna

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    I understand her program is more difficult than Yuna but she is slow and boring. Yuna is a diva on ice. There's something missing with Medeveda..
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    Dear Mirai,

    Can you please switch coach to Brian Orser ASAP? Thank You
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