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Thread: MICHELLE KWAN compilation..1992-Present...10 DVDs

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    Arrow MICHELLE KWAN compilation..1992-Present...10 DVDs

    This is the best quality Michelle Kwan compilation on the NET

    it covers from.....1992 JR Nats to 2006 Spring Marshall's

    Its mailed from Brooklyn, NY, so shipping is very fast. and has the best video quality of any Michelle Kwan compilation available, because I have my own high quality archive and live in a very good TV market in the USA (NYC), I get all the US broadcasts, and don't need to rely on old, slow speed tapes collected from other sources.

    I have a 10 DVD, 15 hour Michelle Kwan compilation that I made myself from my own SPmode original tapes and DVDs(recorded from TV).

    The DVDs average about 90min each and are optimized to use the entire disk, for best quality. The total time is 15 hrs. The compilation covers 1992-2006 and has about 130 complete programs carefull when buying very low priced tapes or DVDs, deals that look too good to be true, usually are..... Remember, you get what you pay for!


    The Michelle compilation comes on 10 DVDs, and has the same content as the tape set. It has about 140 complete programs, and covers 1992-2006


    there's a list of the programs below in another post, later in this thread


    For information about my compilations, Please Email me at


    I have many skater compilations on DVD or VHS

    MICHELLE KWAN...................10 DVDs

    OKSANA BAIUL.....................4 DVDs

    IRINA SLUTSKAYA.................7 DVDs

    KRISTI YAMAGUCHI...............4 DVDs

    NICOLE BOBEK......................4 DVDs

    NANCY KERRIGAN..................4 DVDS

    TARA LIPINSKI......................4 DVDs

    For more info, Please Email me at


    I'll ship to Canada, Australia, NZ, the UK & Western Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, by International AirMail

    I also ship to any US Commonwealth or Territory. PR, Guam, USVI. etc.


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    andree6 Guest

    Default michelle kwan compilations.

    I just click on the link of-- and couldn't get it. I was interested in ordering a copy of =michelle kwan compilations from 3axel . could you reply. My e-mail address is --- Thank you Andree6

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    Angels Babe 2008 Guest

    Default Re: michelle kwan compilations.

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    Thumbsup the first 91 programs on VOL 1-4 of my MK compilation

    This is a list of the first 91 programs on the VHS version, as they appear on the first 4 tapes

    There are about 130 programs altogether, and the DVD version is divided differently, but both versions have the same programs

    This is how the 2hr tapes are divided, the 90min DVDs are divided differently.

    Michelle Kwan Vol 1 1994-1997

    Vol 1, covers 1994-1997 and has 24 complete programs and some interviews and features

    1. 94 Thrifty Car rental International Challange LP
    2. 94 SA Exhibition
    3. 95 US Nats SP
    4. 95 US Nats LP
    5. Too Hot to Skate "California Girls"
    6. 95 Worlds SP
    7. 95 Worlds LP
    8. 96 US Nats SP
    9. 96 Worlds LP
    10. Exhibition
    11. EOE
    12. 94 Worlds SP
    13. 94 Worlds LP
    14. Exhibition
    15. 97 US Nats LP "Tal Majal"
    16. 97 US Nats Exhib "Winter"
    17. 97 Ultimate Four "D.O.D."
    18. Ultimate Four "Pocahontas"
    19. 97 World SP "D.O.D."
    20. 97 Worlds LP "Taj Majal"
    21. Michelle in China
    22. "Reflections"
    23. "Peter Pan"
    24. "on My Own"

    Vol 2, covers 1997-1999 and has 22 complete programs and some interviews and features

    1. "Just around the Riverbend"
    2. 97 Worlds Exhib "Winter"
    3. 97 SC SP "Rach"
    4. 97 SC LP "Lyra Angelica"
    5. 98 US Nats SP "Rach"
    6. 98 US Nats LP "L.A."
    7. "On My Own"

    feature & interview
    8....98 OLYMPIC SP
    9....98 OLYMPIC LP

    11. 98 Worlds SP "Rach"
    12. 98 Worlds LP "LA"
    13. 98 GWG SP "Rach"
    14. 98 Masters SP "Fate of Carmen"
    15. 98 World Pro "Lamento D'Ariane"
    16. 98 World Pro "East of Eden" long version
    17. 99 US Nats LP "L.D."
    18. 99 US Nats Exhib "EOE" long version
    19. 98 Grand Slam
    20. 99 Worlds SP "Fate of Carmen"
    21. 99 Worlds Exhib "Red Violin"
    22. "One more Time"

    Vol 3, covers 1999-2001 and has 27 complete programs and some interviews and features

    1. 99 SA "Red Violin"
    2. 99 SC "A Day in the Life"
    3. 99 SC "Red Violin"
    4. "I put a Spell on You" w/Elvis
    5 98 GPF "L. D'Ar."
    6. 99 Japan Open "A Day in the Life"
    7. 99 Japan Open "Hands"
    8. 2000 Us Nats SP "A Day in the Life"
    9. "Circle of Life"
    10. 2000 US Nats LP "Red Violin"
    11. 2000 US Nats Exhib "Hands"
    12. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"
    13. 2000 Worlds SP "a Day..."
    14. 2000 Worlds LP "Red Violin"
    15. 2000 COI "The World is not Enough"
    16. 2000 SA LP "Song of the Black Swan"
    17. 2000 SC SP "Bad Love"
    18. Keri Lotion Classic "Beautiful World"
    19. "EOE"
    20. Michelle w/O'town
    21. 2001 US Nats SP "EOE"
    22. 2001 US Nats LP "SOBTS"
    23. 2000 GPF "Miraculous Mandarin"
    24. 2001 Worlds Qual "SOBTS"
    25. 2001 Worlds SP "EOE"
    26. 2001 Worlds LP "SOBTS"
    27. 2001 Worlds Exhib "Beautiful World"

    Volume 4, covers 2001-2002 and has 20 complete programs and some interviews and features

    1. 2001 COI-"This Time Around"
    COI Finale
    2. 2001 GWG- "Sherz"
    3. 2001GWG exhib "EOE"
    4. "Hands"
    5. 2001SC SP "EOE"
    6. 2001 SC LP "Sherz"
    7. 2001 ABC Challange "This Time Around"
    8. 2001 Hershey's Kisses "Fog"
    9. 2001 GPF "SOBTS"
    10. 2001 GPF "Sherz"
    11. 2002 US NATS SP "Rach"
    12. 2002 US NATS LP "Sherz"
    13. 2002 US Nats Exhibition "FOG"
    14. 2002 Olym SP "Rach"
    15. 2002 Olym LP "Sherz"
    16. 2002 Olym Exhibition "FOG"
    17. 2002 Worlds Qual "Sherz"
    18. 2002 Worlds SP "Rach"
    19. 2002 Worlds LP "Sherz"
    20. 2002 Worlds Exhibition "FOG"

    The Final disks cover the period 2002-2006, and have nearly all of Michelle's programs that were broadcast during that period, there is also an archive covering 1992-1996 containing programs that didn't make it into the early disks of the compilation, and in addition an update disk with more programs and a BIO disk

    If anyone has any questions, my Email address is


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    Default Re: michelle kwan compilations.

    I'm interested and would like to know what the cost is.

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    Default Re: michelle kwan compilations.

    If anyone has any questions about my MK compilation tapes please Email me at


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    kwanfollower Guest

    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation

    I'm interested in the tapes. Do you have the red violin on the tapes.

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    Default NICOLE BOBEK Compilation....4 DVDs....1989-2002

    My NICOLE BOBEK Compilation covers 1989-2002, and has about 65 complete programs. It comes on 4 DVDs

    If you have questions you can Email me at


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    LadyM76 Guest

    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation

    I just wanted to let you know that I received the tapes today. I tried to email you , but it keeps sending it back to me. I can't wait to watch them. Thanks So Much.

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    Nov 2005
    Los Angeles

    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation

    3axel, I sent you a email a few days ago to confirm receipt of payment. Did you receive the email?

    **Edited to add

    Got your tapes! They're fab! Woohoo! Thanks.

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    kuncookies Guest

    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation

    i tried to email you but you never response back. could you please email me back regarding the tapes of irina and nicole? i would like to know the price and the cost of shipping to thailand. please email me at thanks


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    Default Irina Slutskaya compilation.......5 DVDs

    I also have a 6 hour, 5 DVD Irina Slutskaya compilation that covers 1994-2005, from 94 SA thru her 2002 World Championship, to her 2005 World Championship

    For information, Please Email me at



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    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation

    Hi Kuncookies,

    It came today, I'll get the package out tomorrow.

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation

    I also have compilations for many other skaters, see my others posts, in other threads

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    Default IRINA SLUTSKAYA compilation...94-2005...DVD or VHS

    ...My IRINA SLUTSKAYA compilation covers 1994-2005, from 94 SA to her 2005 worlds victory.

    The video quality is very good, you'll be very pleased with any of my compilations.

    ...It has Irina's complete 2005 GALA exhibition, with the CATWOMEN skate wearing the mask, that wasn't shown on ESPN.

    ...For information, Please Email me at


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    Default KRISTI YAMAGUCHI compilation..1986-2004...DVD or VHS

    I have a 6hr, 4 DVD, KRISTI YAMAGUCHI compilation that covers 1986-2005, and is completely up to date. It is made from my own SP mode original tapes and XP mode DVDs and has very good video quality.

    For information, Please email me at


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    Default OKSANA BAIUL compilation VHS or DVD

    My high quality, 6 DVD OKSANA BAIUL compilation is made from my own SP mode original tapes. It covers 1993-2005 and comes on VHS tape or DVD.

    For information, Please Email me at


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    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation, its FOUR TAPES now!

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    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation, also on DVD!!

    Yes, my compilation is now available on DVD. There are 8 DVDs, covering 1993-2005. They are made from MY OWN SPmode original source tapes, and lately from from my own direct to DVD originals

    Please Email me at for information at

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    Default NICOLE BOBEK compilation...1989-2003...DVD or VHS

    My 68 complete program NICOLE BOBEK compilation covers 1989-2003, and comes on four DVDs, or VHS tapes

    For information, Please Email me at


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    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation, its FOUR TAPES now!

    For information about my compilations, Please Email me at


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    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation, DVD compatibility

    My DVDs are in DVD-R format and they are compatible with most of the newer DVD players

    To check if your model is compatible, follow the instructions below. The site has reports for thousands of DVD player models

    go to

    check the third box from the left on the top (Media Formats) line, the DVD-R box

    then click on the search button right above it

    that will bring you to a list of DVD players that have been tested for compatibility

    scroll down untill you find your model to see what media its compatible with


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    Default Re: Michelle Kwan compilation, DVD compatibility

    my diskls are DVD-R does your DVD player support DVD-R?


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    estaplet74 Guest

    Default MK Compilation

    I would love to have the MK Compilation. How much?

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    Default Re: MK Compilation

    Please Email me with any questions that you have about my compilation at



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