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Thread: 2016--Big Year for Weddings/Engagements

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    Default 2016--Big Year for Weddings/Engagements

    Shawn Johnson married Andrew East earlier this year:

    Sasha Cohen's wedding to Tom May is today (8/20/16): (I spy Evan in that photo) (wedding on Cape Cod)

    Nastia Liukin
    is to be married to Matthew Lombardi in Newport RI in summer of 2017:

    Tara will marry Todd Kapostasy in 2017: (engagement dress looks like a wedding dress)

    Love comparing wedding dresses, rings, ceremonies to Michelle's!
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    I needed it. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Default Sasha's Wedding Gown & Pics 8/20/16

    Sasha's gown & a few pictures from her wedding on 8/20/16 on Cape Cod: (an article that pretty much covers everything)
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    omg, sasha divorced last year.

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