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Thread: Polina Edmunds out of Worlds , Mirai is in

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    Default Polina Edmunds out of Worlds , Mirai is in

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    That's sad for Polina, but a nice chance for Mirai to make up for when she was unfairly cheated out of her spot last time.

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    I'm sorry to hear that Polina had to withdraw, but ecstatic that Mirai will get the opportunity to go to Boston. Go Mirai!

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    I third what has been said here. I am sorry Polina got injured but glad that Mirai gets to go in her place and hope she does well.

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    sorry to hear about it! Get well soon...Meanwhile, I'm totally excited for Mirai...
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    I, too, am so sorry that Polina is injured. I wish her the speediest recovery ever! I was glad to hear that she will not require any surgery.

    On the other hand, I have always had such a soft spot in my heart for Mirai. Since 2014, that spot is even softer. Therefore, I am excited that she will be at Worlds 2016 and wish her all the very best!

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    Wow! Just watched our girls at Worlds! They all ROCK!!
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    Mirai was underscored in both her programs. She should have been scored higher in SP. Mirai's LP was not bad at all.

    She should be proud of herself. It took Ashley 10 years to get a Worlds Medal..
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    Yes, there was an article that was written about Gracie Gold. She mentioned she was embarrassed by her Worlds skating.

    I got to love her for being honest. It's okay Gracie, you're still rock gold. At least you're not a two-footed jumper like Ashley.

    I'm fine with her but you know she two-footed on her jumps. It's just so cheating and ugly. Sorry, she is just not gold or silver material. Overscored in every way..
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    Gracie Gold and Ashley
    Yes, Gracie, you JUST like Ashley was often overscored at the US Nationals. It eventually catches up. Mirai and Polina has been putting a lot of pressure on you both but you were both often overscored. This is what happens when you don't get the right type of DEFEAT to make you a better skater.

    Ashley, at the Olympics, was so OVERRATED and overscored at the US Nationals. She had a big head and went into the Olympics BEATEN really really bad.

    When Ashley or Gracie falls, let's penalize them. The US Nationals Titles should have gone to other people... if you want to win, you need to show up like Polina and Mirai this year.
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    I like for Mirai to use Yuna Kim's choreagrapher. Mirai has everything she just needs a new choreagrapher that can put her on the map. In fact, i think if she really wants to win, she should also pick Brian Orser as her coach, heading into 2018 Olympics.

    Technically, she is so much better than Ashley.. I can't stand two-footed jumpers. annoys me..
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    Wow, hadn't realized the US women's lacked a top 3 finish in 9 years... #outoftheloop

    Really miss MK... and dare I say it, Sasha... and kind of Irina.

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