How I ended up in a dingy old rundown boxing gym standing next to Michelle Kwan, I have no idea. And why Michelle and I would be standing together in a dingy old rundown boxing gym in the first place, I have no idea, either. I suppose that some dreams just have no rhyme or reason.

Apparently, I was some sort of advisor to Michelle, maybe a trainer of hers, because she asked me, “What do you think I should do in this next competition?”

In an attempt to be funny, I answered her in my best approximation of the gravelly voice of Rocky Balboa’s manager, Mickey, from the early “Rocky” movies.

“Okay, Michelle! Dis is how it is! Dese gals yer gonna be facin’ are one buncha tough cookies, lemme tells ya! So youse just gotta go out there an’ skate an’ skate an’ skate yer heart out! Youse gotta skate an’ skate an' skate till youse can’t skate no more, an’ knock dem gals to tomorrow!”

Did Michelle take my advice? Well, she DID win 43 championships!