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    Thank you for the nice words!

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    You are so welcome! I'll be contacting you again soon. I've found something else I'd like to order from you.

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    This was a number of years ago, but i'll go ahead and post.


    Cherie (My Skating Tape Angel)
    I ordered MK Tape 1 and intended to order the second when i could afford it.
    Bless her heart, she sent me tape 2 as a gift.

    grannie frances

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    2009 US Nationals DVD’s

    Skatfan20 received my money order on Feb. 2 the DVD’s were sent out the next day and I received them on Thursday(Feb. 5). Professionally packaged, well labeled and I even got a bonus DVD of various interviews!! To my delight one is the interview of MK at the Olympics during the closing ceremonies.

    I was very disappointed to return from Nationals and realize my DVR didn’t record anything because of a power outage. So I am grateful to skatefan20 for the fast service and great quality DVD’s.

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    thanks torialynne!

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    Trader Feedback[/u]

    Trader: Koshka

    Feedback: Very Positive!

    Product: 2001 and 2004 Junior Worlds DVDs; 2005 U.S. Nationals DVDs

    Great quality, quick delivery considering her distance from the U.S.

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    2009 World Championships

    This is the second order for me from Skatefan20. I was impressed and happy with my first order, but this time I am blown away with the quality and the bonus DVD. The bonus DVD is worth the price all by itself. The behind the scenes stuff of Michelle during the NBC broadcast, was awesome to watch. Plus some of the ladies long programs NBC didn't air, including Alissa's was great to see!!

    Thanks again Skatefan20 for the quality DVD's and fast delivery. If I ever need anything else, you'll be the first person I'll contact.

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    Thanks again torialynne!

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    Today is 5-15-09
    Re: "Koska" or Frima

    This is the first day I have had a chance to return to the forum in a very long time. I have been through a major move to another state, had major family issues, and have had some health problems. I just read the questions about Frima - "Koshka" - and her own reply that she could answer for herself. Since my name was brought into this, I feel I need to add a reply.

    Yes, I did have dealings with Frima quite some time ago, before she began selling tapes and DVD's. However, her account of what happened is quite different from what really went on. I made EXACTLY what she asked for - according to what she requested IN WRITING. After I sent the tapes, she told me they were terrible quality and demanded an immediate refund. After that whole mess, she started offering for sale exactly what I had sent her. She also bought events from other people and started the same process all over again with them. I know this because I spoke with the people who went through the same thing with her.

    I don't believe in saying bad things about people, but since she decided to say things about me, which were not at all true, I decided to give my side of things. There were no communication problems at all, nor did she tell me I made the wrong tapes. She simply told me the quality was terrible and she wanted an immediate refund. I know the quality was fine, they had been tested on several different brands of machines and I had asked her if she could play NTSC before even starting with her order. And, like I said, she did the same thing with other people after me. As for being rude, SHE was the one who was incredibly rude, to the point that I was absolutely shocked, never having had anyone talk to me as she had done. She became so verbally abusive that I had to end the entire issue even after trying to do what I could to find an answer to make her happy.

    I'm very sorry to have to put all of this here, but I feel the need to defend myself and speak the truth after the appalling story she stated. Maybe she feels I am no longer around and can therefore say what she wants, but I am actually making tapes and DVDs again and have a wonderful relationship with the people I deal with.

    I harbor no ill feelings, grievances, or grudges, life is too short to hold onto negatives that only eat at one's soul. I've moved home to Oregon where I grew up and I am extremely happy and wish everyone all the best.
    Kathy (springerluv)

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    I deleted my preview post because I am really tired of this discussion betvween us... So please as I have said: leave me alone please. You din't like me - fine. There are people who like me very much. So I think we sould put the end to this war...



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    I have dealt with Springerluv last October 2001

    I was still not a trader then. I can attest that Springerluv is a very nice and accomodating tapemaker.

    Her VHS then was very good in quality.

    As a trader now, I can say and proudly defend that my fellow MKF trader SPRINGERLUV along with Cherie has been a credible trader and was never rude to her clients.


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    naganosilver98 Guest


    Positive feedback for 3axel.

    I ordered the 10 disc Michelle Kwan compilation from 3axel, and received the discs in good condition in very good time. The quality is as was described to me (very good quality).

    Communication with 3axel is good, answers questions and replies in good time.

    Thank you, 3axel!

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    Thanks, I'm glad you like them

    My 10 DVD Michelle Kwan compilation is still available


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    POSITIVE: naganosilver98
    Michelle Kwan Compilation/A&E Biography/1996 World Championships

    This is my first time in a long time purchasing DVDs, let alone a Michelle Kwan compilation. With Michelle no longer competing (or sadly performing at shows), I decided to invest in purchasing a Michelle Kwan compilation that can transcend time. I am very happy with the purchase; she was so nice to include the A&E Biography and the entire 1996 World Championships (surprise) for no extra charge. Thanks again, naganosilver98 for the DVDs. They were delivered on Friday and arrived on Monday. That is very fast shipping! If I ever need anything else, I will let you know. Thank you so much again!


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