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Thread: Michelle Speaks to SC Students About Education and Dreams

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    Lightbulb Michelle Speaks to SC Students About Education and Dreams

    Michelle spoke to students at South Carolina's Columbia College on 2/4/16. The article was posted today (2/7/16). There is more about Michelle's Columbia College visit--on Hillary's behalf--in our lengthy thread about the campaign.

    I just did not want this to get sort of lost in the shuffle.

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    “She was such an icon for young girls when we were younger, and now she’s an idol for me as far as her public service and her political advocacy.”
    What a find, Teach. Thank you so much.
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    No wonder you didn't want that article to get lost in the campaign thread.

    She didn't refuse pictures or autographs and there were many. Isn't that just like Michelle. The girl we all love and admire. Thanks teach23.

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    Kwan said she plans to continue working as an ambassador and advocate and trying to be the best role model she can.

    “I feel a responsibility,”
    Michelle honors that commitment on a daily basis.
    She is a great public servant.

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    I am sure missing that "like" button.

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    Me too Mathman2

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    You aren't alone!

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    Add me to the list as well.

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    Let me see what I can do...

    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.”
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Great article! Thanks for posting!. What happened to the "like button" ????

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    It disappeared when the forum moved to a new server a while back. We don't want to put any more work (or expense) on Grace to re-install it, So we can just know in our minds that everybody likes everybody else's contributions. Or we can all latch on to Rick's giant thanks as speaking for everyone.

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