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Thread: Happy 2016 MKF!! xo MK

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    Heart Happy 2016 MKF!! xo MK

    Hi MKFers!

    Happy 2016 to all of you!

    I apologize that it has taken me from Christmas to New Year's to write to all of you - and hope that you're all staying in touch via social media, but I want to say how grateful I am for all of your support over the years and hope that 2016 will bring you all the joy, happiness and health in the New Year!

    Clay and I went to Los Angeles for a short Christmas break and hung out with the Kwan family. My Grandpa recently turned 90 years old and it was so nice to spend precious and quality time with him. Grandpa Kwan had a hard time remembering my name and I teared up when he whispered that he misses me when I'm away and that he thinks of me all the time. Family and friends are the most important things in my life. I can't believe Shep (the manager that most of you knew) has been gone for over a year - whenever there's a challenging decision or exciting news to share I reach for the phone and think he's still here. The holidays I believe bring a special time of gratitude and appreciation for those you hold dear.

    2015 was itself a whirlwind for me - haven't had any time to take a break! The year started in Rhode Island with Clay and then took an unexpected turn when I was offered a position at Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. As many of you know, I worked for Secretary Clinton at the Department of State. Iím sure everyone has a different take on politics, but I wanted to be involved in the process, and itís been an honor to be a part. As you can imagine, it has kept me very busy the last few months and I expect it will only get busier in the months ahead. Of course, it hasn't only been about work now - I invited my colleagues to skate at the rink in Brooklyn at Prospect Park and had a chance to show off my edges (no triple salchows for me these days!). I also laced up my skates to participate in the Tree Lighting Skating Spectacular in Providence -- where my part consisted of one spiral

    There's so much that I want to share and hope that we coordinate a MKF get-together (Brooklyn?) in 2016!

    xo love, MK

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichelleWKwan View Post
    I also laced up my skates to participate in the Tree Lighting Skating Spectacular in Providence -- where my part consisted of one spiral
    And a beautiful Spiral it was! You haven't lost a single step! Happy New Year to you, Clay, and your loved ones! And many, many more Happy New Years to you and yours as well!
    ďAll the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.Ē
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Happy 2016 Michelle! What a sweet note from you and your story about your Grandpa was so heartwarming. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your family. I hope this new year brings you everything you reach for. Thank you for keeping in touch! Hey ~ if there's a MKF get-together, I'll fly to NY for it!

    ParalegalMKFan (Brenda)

    Iím a bit of the past, a bit of the present and, hopefully, some of the future. Michelle Kwan, April 5 2006

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    Michelle! Thanks for taking the time to post on the forum. It's amazing that 2016 has come around. I'm forever surprised by the lightning speed of the passage of time. I'm happy you had time in LA--so special. Take care of yourself and take the time to breathe.

    I will be on the East Coast from September 27th--October 6th--celebrating the 50th anniversary of my sorority "shipmates." We plan on visiting New York and DC together. Then, I'll head to Providence to visit a dear friend. Hopefully, we (the forum) can arrange a visit around that time. If not, always know that you are loved and cherished by me and by this forum!

    Happy 2016 to you and yours!

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    You are so sweet to take time out of your busy schedule and travels to visit us here. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2016!

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    So glad I checked in today to find Michelle's message. Happy New Year to you, too, Michelle! xo <3

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    Thank you for always remembering your fans during the holidays. You continue to inspire us with all of the various projects you are involved in. Wishing you a very happy 2016.

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    Happy, healthy 2016 to you and your family, Michelle.
    Keeper of the "Wing-It Pose" from 98 Nats
    Keeper of Evan's kindness
    Keeper of Adam's "As it should be"..
    Co-keeper of John Coughlin's protective nature

    "....and in fact lived every moment of her life as if a child might be watching..."

    Christine Brennan on Michelle Kwan 2/12/06

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    So glad to hear from you Michelle. You never forget and that is the reason so many of your fans continue to love you and want the very best for your future. Hope 2016 is everything you want it to be. We all miss you and you have a few people on this forum who keep the rest of us informed.

    Loved the story of Grandpa Kwan. We all have someone who brings a tear to our eyes from time to time and we never forget.

    Wishing you, Clay, your family and friends a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

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    There's so much that I want to share and hope that we coordinate a MKF get-together (Brooklyn?) in 2016!
    Thank you for taking the time to share with us! It would be an honor to see you and the rest of the MK forum members! I'd travel anywhere to make that happen. I do miss your presence skating but I'm happy your life is where you want it to be. Thank you for all those years of dedication. Happy Healthy New Year!

    xo love, MK[/QUOTE]

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    Michelle, you are so wonderful to check in with us!!!!!!! Have a beautiful 2016 -- especially November -- and keep inspiring!!! Tell Clay I have the biggest group yet of students transferring from community college to universities all over California, thanks to the miracle of the Pell Grant. Blessings to you both!!!

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    Thank you so much for always thinking of us, Michelle! See you in the Twitterverse and beyond! <3

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    It is such a pleasure to hear from you!
    Your message is especially precious when I know how busy you are at the moment.

    I'm so happy that you have been able to spend time with your family during the holiday season; making memories to cherish, always.

    I continue to be proud of all you are doing to make our country; and the world, better.
    Wherever the journey leads, you continue to inspire me.

    May 2016 fulfill your dreams, and bring you great joy!

    I'll await the details of the "MKF Gathering" with anticipation.
    How special to look forward to that.

    With continuing respect and affection,


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    Thank you so much for posting, and hope that 2016 gives you everything you want for yourself and your family.. The get-together sounds wonderful ... hope that I can make it.

    Esther (a different Esther than the post above me)

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    Dear Michelle,

    I enjoyed your message tremendously. Your warm heart manifests through every line.

    If you look deeply within yourself and see how you were shaped by those whom you admire, you will find Shep and all of your dear ones smiling with you and through you.

    We have been following your current journey, from the time of the picture window view looking out over Brooklyn, to periscoping on Roosevelt Island, to the headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, with bonuses of awards, benefits, honors, skating and crustless pumpkin pie!

    Thank you for sharing so generously, enriching all whom you touch.

    With wonderful wishes for you, beyond measure, a heartfelt Happy New Year to you, Clay, and the families Kwan, Pell and Oppegard.


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    Thank you so much for such a sincere and heart-felt greeting! I wish for you and your family to have the healthiest and happiest of years in 2016.

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    I thought if I waited long enough some inspiration would descend upon me to contribute to this thread. In the end I couldn't think of anything to match the sincerity of what the other posters have said. Or the eloquence of Herr Drosselmeyer. Or the sweet spontaneity of Michelle's own style. She writes like she skates -- heart on her sleeve.

    Happy New Year to Michelle and to all of her fans here at the MK Forum.

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    Shouldn't this thread be moved to "Michelle Speaks" forum? I was thinking "MK has not posted since 2014" but actually she has! I missed seeing this for almost two years.
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