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Thread: Remembering Sergei Grinkov 20 Years Later

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    Default Remembering Sergei Grinkov 20 Years Later

    Sergei Grinkov is half of a the best figure skating pairs team of all time. With his partner, and wife, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Seragei won four World titles, three European titles, and two Olympic Gold Medals. Gordeeva and Grinkov won 24 of the 31 events they entered and won silver medals in the other seven events.

    On Monday, November 20, 1995, during a rehearsal for the start of the Stars on Ice tour, Sergei collapsed. Sergei was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    Today is the 20th anniversary of Sergei's death.

    Washington Post Obituary

    1988 Olympic Short Program

    1988 Olympic LP

    1994 Olympic SP

    1994 Olympic LP

    The Man I Love

    Keeper of Michelle's final pose/fist pump at the end of 2001 Worlds LP

    In a galaxy filled with phenoms, with comets, and shooting stars.
    The dominant fixture by which all others are measured... the star for young skaters to wish upon. -Jim McKay

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    Heart Dear Sergei Left Us Way Too Soon

    Thanks for the wonderful post, Katy.

    I can remember November 20, 1995 so vividly. (My niece's birthday was the same day.) I just could not believe what I was hearing. I had "fallen in love" with Sergei and Katia. Only Michelle had a similar space in my heart. Even now, it seems so impossible that such a beautiful soul was taken much too soon. The figure skating community grieved publicly for Sergei and with the greatest respect. I'm sure that Katia felt some comfort from her friends and fans. May you continue to rest in sweet peace, dear Sergei.

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    I still remember how stunned I was when I heard the news. I still miss him and I can't help wondering what Sergei would have looked like now. (I know, handsome! Maybe with some gray hair!) What a perfect pairs team they were. There will never be another like them.

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    Heart Katia & Other Great Skating Stars Will Honor Sergei 12/30/15

    Katia and a wonderful cast of skaters will skate to honor Sergei's life. The show is called "From the Heart."

    Link to more info:

    I really want to see the show, but so far, there are no plans to televise it! There are so many fans who would totally appreciate seeing such a tribute.

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