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Thread: "Don't Mind Me"

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    Dont Mind Me

    Apparently I was hosting a small party of some sort in my living room. Among my guests was Michelle, who was sitting Indian-fashion on the carpeted floor in front of the fireplace. Attired in a dark sweatsuit, she was not the Michelle of today, but the Michelle from 1999 or so with her short hairstyle of that time.

    Having been something of an amateur magician in the past, I decided that I wanted to impress Michelle with some card tricks. To that end, sitting across from her on the floor, I performed a few such tricks, dealing cards onto the floor directly in front of her in various ways as I worked through my tricks. Although she responded to my performance politely, she didnt seem overly impressed with my tricks.

    Noting this, I decided to make a very quick run to the local nearby magic shop in the hope of finding some new, super-miraculous card trick that would dazzle Michelle. After all, how many opportunities does a fellow have in life to dazzle Michelle with a super-miraculous card trick in his living room? Not many, I daresay!

    The next thing I knew, I was on roller skates, rolling through the parking lot of the shopping mall in which the magic shop was located. For some reason I was holding a packet of playing cards in my right hand, probably the remnant from one of the tricks I had shown to Michelle. Suddenly I almost collided with a middle-aged bleached-blonde lady, with a bouffant hairdo, who was also on roller skates.

    Dont mind me, Im just a Southern Belle on roller skates, said the lady as we both came to a stop in front of the magic shop.

    To which I replied, Dont mind me, Im just a guy on roller skates holding a packet of playing cards in his hand.

    With that, I proceeded towards the front door of the magic shop only to awaken from this rather bizarre dream before I had the chance to find a super-miraculous card trick, return home, and dazzle Michelle with it.

    I can only hope that perhaps tonight Ill be able to experience Part Two of this dream.

    Stay tuned??
    All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Staying tuned, Rick!!

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