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    Can't let this place get too quiet! I wanted to post a nationals thread. I am really liking all the men's medalists. Jason and Josh are wonderful in different ways, and how thrilling for Adam to finally have that performance. Our men's field is deep this year. Am I that only one who thinks Joshua reminds one of Johnny Weir?

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    I thought the men were the best part of nationals. It was great to see Adam skate so well after so many rough performances over the last few years. His quad lutz was incredible. loved Josh's short program, and thought he presented a complete package of both athleticism and artistry. I was moved to tears, by both of Jeremy's programs, and felt he should have been in 1st place after the short instead of fourth. I felt so bad for him when things fell apart for him in the long program. It took guts for him to come back and compete just a couple of weeks after his Dad's death. Jason was as entertaining as ever, but I thought some of his marks were a bit high. I'm looking forward to seeing the men compete again at worlds if they skate as strongly as they did at nationals, it should be a an exciting competition.

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    I just adore Jason. He has one of those exhuberant Janet Lynn-type optimistic personalities--even if he fell on his face, he would get up smiling. If Jason manages to get a consistent quad soon, he'll be a real force to be reckoned with. I was also glad to see curly boy and Josh do well.

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    I enjoyed Nationals this year quite a bit. I think that the USA is in great shape. There were a lot of smiles this year. But, Jason's smile and energy just lit up the room! Congratulations to all the competitors.

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    I agree; Jeremy was very brave. Even though it wasn't his best competition, I really appreciate his maturity and what he brought to his programs. He showed introspection. Also I enjoyed both the younger kids, Nathan Chen and also Karen Chen and look forward to see what they can do over the next few years.

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    great competition all around for the men. glad Tara was honest about not being on board with Jason's scores. he's a sweetheart & a great competitor but he does not have better skating skills than Adam, Jeremy or Joshua. i think the scoring for the mens long was a lot better & closer to reality than the short~
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    I loved watching the men skate and was especially pleased that Adam had a great program with that quad Lutz. For me, this is the competition that I've been waiting for Adam to have. Overall I enjoy Jeremy's skating, but the "Adagio For Strings" that was his music has always sounded too much like a funeral dirge for my tastes. Jason's home town is only about 10 miles from mine, so I have a particular interest in his skating. Having a quad would make him much more competitive, but his strength is in the components. To me he is a really great show skater, and I am never bored when watching him, regardless of where he finishes. Just hope that we get enough points at Worlds to get to send 3 men next year, and I also hope that someone has a strong enough skate to land on the podium this year. Also can't wait to see what Nathan Chen does as he gets older.

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    I was over-the-moon re: Adam's performances. A fan of his since 2008, I have been waiting to see these results from him.

    The men's competition was terrific and it was a thrill to be back in Greensboro. Jeremy's tribute to his dad was gorgeous and so touching.

    But the competition belonged to Angel Boy!
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