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Thread: Michelle Appeared on "The Rhode Show" to Discuss Involvement in "Holiday Tea"

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    Default Michelle Appeared on "The Rhode Show" to Discuss Involvement in "Holiday Tea"

    Michelle appeared on "The Rhode Show" (12/1/14) to discuss her involvement with the Holiday Tea which supports the Women's Fund RI. She is the honorary chairperson.

    From Michelle's twitter page: (includes link to details and a lovely photo)

    Link to more information about the Tea: (screen caps) (Michelle w/host)
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    Love it! Michelle is not only ice skating royalty, but now she is Rhode Island and ballet royalty, too!

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    I found one more picture taken before the interview. I am searching for a video!

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    OK, here goes.

    Here is the information about the Holiday tea fundraiser for which Michelle is the honorary chairperson this year.

    This organization, the Women’s Fund of Rhode island, supports a variety of programs in support of political, social and economic equality and advancement for women.

    The guest speaker at the high tea is author Lenore Skomal who wrote a book about a famous heroine of Rhode Island history, Ida Lewis. Lewis became a lighthouse keeper in the 1840s when her father was disabled. She was a formidable boatman who is credited with saving the lives of many sailors in single-handed rescues at sea.

    An article in Harper's Weekly, written after Ida had made several daring rescues, debated whether it was "feminine" for women to row boats, but concluded that none but a "donkey" would consider it "unfeminine" to save lives. – Wikipedia
    Lewis received many honors and awards during her lifetime, and after her death the lighthouse, the Lime Rock Lighthouse, was renamed the Ida Lewis Lighthouse. The lighthouse itself in no longer in service, but it is now home to the Ida Lewis Yacht Club of Newport.

    Herbert Claiborn Pell III, Clay’s father, was a member of this boat club until his death in 1999. Clay, his father and his grandfather all served in the Coast Guard. Ms. Lewis would have been proud of them.
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    Mathman2, thanks for such thorough research! Always enlightening.

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    I finally found the video of Michelle's interview on the "Rhode Show." She did a great job speaking about the importance of the Women's Fund RI. Check out her right leg! Is that muscle or what? I do not know!

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    Pictures/news from the Holiday Tea (12/6/14): (from David Cicilline)

    From Michelle's twitter page: (In response to photo above by David Cicilline)
    Michelle Kwan ‏@MichelleWKwan .@davidcicilline @WomensFundRI - great to see you!
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    I had to add this adorable picture. Michelle with that "Mommy" glow!

    Love this tweet:

    Alex Lucini ‏@AlexLucini
    @danika1204 @MichelleWKwan @arianne8melissa This is why I love RI...Two fantastic women that I know from 2 different walks of life
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    That dress is so beautiful. Where does she get her clothes, they are always different and unusual. Thanks for all the pictures. They were so excellent. This thread is full of MK positives.

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