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Thread: Donating to Stand Up 2 Cancer in Memory of Shep Goldberg via The Michelle Kwan Forum

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    Weepy Donating to Stand Up 2 Cancer in Memory of Shep Goldberg via The Michelle Kwan Forum

    Here is the page I set up in which we can send our donations in as a team/group. You can also donate individually if you wish, but those who would like to do both, or to just under MKF, can send their donations under this link:

    Shep has done a lot for the forum in the many years that The Michelle Kwan Forum has been around, particularly in the last decade or so. By donating, it's the only real thing I can do to honor his memory. He really was a wonderful, honorable, generous person and it is a great loss to the world that he is gone. Please join me in fighting back this stupid, evil thing called cancer.

    If any of you can help me with my wording on the page, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, _please_ spread the word. I know many fans do not visit MKF anymore. If people can post this on other forums or tweet about it, post on Facebook, that would be absolutely appreciated.

    <3 to you all.


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    Made a donation of $25 today--11/18/14--glad to do it!

    Shirley Miller (teach23)

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    I will be making a donation in honor not only of Shep; but, also for my father,
    He also died due to Pancreatic Cancer, in 1998.

    He was the person responsible for my involvement in, and love for, skating.


    Donation complete
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    I'm sorry to hear that Esther... =( Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you everyone who has made donations.

    It seems like the stories I hear so often are of people dying within a year or less from pancreatic cancer or brain cancer these days. And then the many other people who are affected by cancer =(. I know they make strides in finding things to battle cancer, but I feel like it still hasn't made enough strides or at least we haven't seen those discoveries come to light to be used in treatment.

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    There are sub-types within the "pancreatic cancer" group.
    My father was diagnosed in 1992 with one of the rarer ones.
    They tried an experimental chemotherapy.
    He went into remission and did well for about 5 years.

    However, we were told that if it returned, there was no other treatment.
    It did,
    He died shortly thereafter.

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    Web site for donations is down for maintenance. I will try later tonight or tomorrow.

    Got through this time. Thank you for making it so easy Grace.
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    I will be donating. I haven't been to the forum in while. Very sad to hear of Shep's passing.

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    I haven't had time to post here or even lurk here--writing a dissertation, working full time +, and selling/buying a house (and moving into my new house--yeah!) has taken up all of my time. But I heard about Shep's passing and couldn't help remembering how wonderfully kind he was to the MKF. R.I.P.

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