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Thread: Maia Shibutani Recipient of Women's Sports Foundation Award

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    Thumbsup Maia Shibutani Recipient of Women's Sports Foundation Award

    My respect for the Women's Sports Foundation grows every day. When Michelle was a young skater, she received a much needed travel and training grant from the foundation. Now, Michelle is very much involved with the WSF, and we look forward to seeing her there every year.

    Two of my newer favorite skaters are Maia and Alex Shibutani. Maia received a grant from the WSF this year--which also benefits Alex, of course. The following excerpt explains a bit more:

    Maia Shibutani, Figure Skating, Ann Arbor, MI
    Maia Shibutani is a previous Women’s Sports Foundation grant recipient and has been a great example of confidence and success in a young, female athlete. Shibutani partnered with her brother, Alex, as an ice dancing team that became the youngest team in the history of the sport and the first Americans to debut at the World Championships on the podium. They were able to compete at the 2014 Olympic Games and are now focused on the “Road to 2018.” Shibutani plans to use this grant to work with the best ice dancing coaches, specifically in the style of Spanish dance.

    Link to entire article:
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    Love the Shib sibs! It's nice that they give the awards to athletes from such a wide variety of sports.

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