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Thread: Kristi Yamaguchi to Receive "Rings of Gold" Award for Her "Always Dream" Foundation

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    Thumbsup Kristi Yamaguchi to Receive "Rings of Gold" Award for Her "Always Dream" Foundation

    I have always appreciated Kristi's skating, both as an amateur and a professional! She's done so much with her post-skating life. She will receive one of the "Golden Rings" awards for her work with her "Always Dream" charitable foundation. The awards presentations will be held here in Chicago!

    Link to article:

    I know that Sarah Hughes has tweeted that she will attend the ceremony. Wonder if Michelle will be there??

    Just as an aside: Kristi has her own fashion line. Here's a photo of Kristi in one of her unique fall outfits:

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    A nice article about Kristi which includes a video of Kristi and her younger daughter (Emma) preparing to skate together on Nov. 2nd. It will be Kristi's first skate in 6 years!

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    Both Michelle and Kristi are two truly classy ladies, two champion human beings, who are giving back so much to the world.
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