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Thread: Clay's Run for RI Governor - Thread #3

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    Try this link for live streaming:

    With 4% of precincts counted, it looks like Gina is in 1st: Clay in 2nd: Taveras in 3rd (close between Clay & Angel).

    I do not think I can take this. I'll check back later!!

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    According to the live blog:

    "8:45 p.m. | Another significant jump in the Democratic gov primary … with 41% of precincts reporting, Raimondo has 41%, Pell has 29% and Taveras has 28%."

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    I'm freaking out.

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    Hee hee, this is like waiting for skating results to come in.

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    My stomach's in a knot. I'm having a cup of tea for dinner.
    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.”
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Feels like we should be eating tofu, chicken and Junior Mints.

    Funniest thing I've read in ages!

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    Clay has conceded to Raimondo:

    Sarah and Drew ‏@SarahandDrew Raimondo has won the democratic nomination for governor of Rhode Island. We hope @MichelleWKwan will keep us updated on Clay Pell's plans.

    Pell thanks his wife, Michelle Kwan, says she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Drew ahhhs from the crowd. #RI2014

    Tony Gugliotta ‏@NBC10_Tony · 12m
    Pell thanks his wife, @MichelleWKwan calling her "the pillar of my life."

    Clay also thanks others:

    Kate Bramson ‏@JournalKate
    #rielection @claypell Thanking those w/him "in spirit." His grandfather: "Who showed us .. you don't have 2B the loudest voice in the room."

    Kate Bramson ‏@JournalKate
    #rielection @ClayPell thanked those w/him "in spirit." His father: "who taught me 2 dream." 1/2

    Kate Bramson ‏@JournalKate
    #rielection @claypell thanked supporters, @MichelleWKwan & "my mother: She always believed in me. Mothers do." (Clay speaking--I see Michelle in the crowd.)

    And, so it goes. Feeling a bit sad because I know how emotional Michelle is and I'm sure she's devastated.
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    With 73% of precincts reporting:

    Capital Journal ‏@WSJPolitics

    AP calls #RIgov Democratic primary for Raimondo.
    Gina Raimondo 42.5%
    Clay Pell 28.7%
    Angel Taveras 26.9%
    73% pcts. reporting.

    Final results are in:


    > Gina Raimondo (D) 51,770 42%

    Angel Taveras (D) 35,803 29%

    Clay Pell (D) 32,986 27%

    Todd Giroux (D) 2,243 2%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick In San Jose View Post
    My stomach's in a knot. I'm having a cup of tea for dinner.
    Mine too, Rick. I am so disappointed for Clay and Michelle. But, he still ran a great campaign. I think it bodes well for a future in politics in the future. Now, I hope he and Michelle just get away for a much needed vacation and some "alone time."

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    I'm sad!

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    I was hoping Clay would pull it out, but he's still a young buck with a bright future ahead of him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iscleartsclomsclam View Post
    I'm sad!
    Me, too!

    Picture of Michelle--not a very clear picture, but we can see the sadness on her face. Clay is nearby.

    Clay & Michelle together (sweet): (collage)

    Lovely tweet from Team Pell members:

    Scout and Tess Lyons ‏@SnTtoo @ClayPell @MichelleWKwan and everyone on the campaign have made such a huge impact on us and we cant thank you enough! We love you guys! XOX
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    Clay said, "Let's make this as much of a celebration as we can."
    Clay is exactly right. There is much to celebrate.
    Congratulations to Team Pell for making the podium at Clay's very first event!
    What an invaluable hands-on learning experience this must have been.
    It has been a great joy to see the frequent reports and photos of our girl, looking so happy and vibrant day to day.
    Thanks so much to teach23 and Mathman2 for guiding the tour, michellesmom for maintaining order, Heather for originally building the tour bus, and Grace for maintaining it.
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    Michelle's brother, Ron, was there:

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    I am feeling so sad. They worked up to the last minute. I feel like he will continue to be involved in the political field so I am wondering what Clay will do next. One thing I am certain of, Michelle will be right by his side.

    I hope they can get away for awhile and just be together. They fought so hard it doesn't seem to be fair. They will probably survive this loss far better than many of us on the forum. Now they need someone with a lot of experience to analyze all they did to get Clay elected and to tell them what they should do differently the next time.

    A sad day for Michelle and Clay and a sad day for the MKF.

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    Michelle's brother Ron is getting more handsome as he gets older. Wonder if Michelle's Mother and Dad were there?

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    So sorry for Clay. He and Michelle worked so hard.

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    Clay and Michelle have put themselves in the forefront of whatever opportunities are next for them.
    Never fear, we'll hear from them again.

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    Nice panoramic view of Clay's supporters: (Clay's touching words along w/pic)

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatesindreams View Post
    Clay and Michelle have put themselves in the forefront of whatever opportunities are next for them.
    Never fear, we'll hear from them again.
    Very true. Clay came from having low single digit support to 27% of the vote in a three way field. If you look at every President since Reagan, they all lost an early bid for elective office. He will learn from this experience and, with Michelle at his side, I expect we will see him win an important elective office in the future.

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    A rather nice and short article about Clay who makes a brief statement about future plans for him and Michelle:

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    jenaj is absolutely right. For a person with absolutely no political experience, even if he does come from a prominent family, to come in second in a race for the highest office in any state is incredible. And if he and Michelle campaign for Raimondo and she is elected, he will undoubtedly be asked to serve the state in one capacity or another, giving him that political experience. Clay is definitely going places, and Michelle will no doubt be going right along with him. "Pillar of my life". "Best thing that ever happened to me." Can we hear an "Awwwwwwwww"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michellesmom View Post
    Can we hear an "Awwwwwwwww"?

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    You know, I am not as crushed as I thought I would be. Clay's campaign was well-conceived, well-executed, and honorable. He and Michelle put their heart and soul into it. That's all you can do.

    As an athlete Michelle knows that if you give it all you've got, then in the end you have no regrets. Sometimes you win, sometimes the other guy does. That's why they call it competition.

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