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Thread: Awesome Event Tonight (4/2) in DC: Best of U.S./ like an "Academy Awards of Olympics"

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    Alert Awesome Event Tonight (4/2) in DC: Best of U.S./ like an "Academy Awards of Olympics"

    Oh my goodness. I just found this awesome news. I am searching for more information, but I will get started with a tweet from Michelle: (Michelle says she will be sitting next to Evan)

    Another tweet from Michelle: (photo of "red carpet")

    More info from @USOlympics:

    US Olympic Team @USOlympic
    Tonight we find out will be named the #BestofUS in #TeamUSA's first awards show! Stay tuned for live coverage. (Checking for live coverage details)

    I have found the following tweet about coverage on April 7th. Will look more:

    USG Corporation @usgcorp · Apr 1
    Mark your calendars for April 7 to find out who is named the #BestofUS in #TeamUSA’s first awards show airing at 7pm ET on @NBCSN.

    Another tweet from Sage Kostenburg about broadcast:

    sage kotsenburg @sagekotsenburg
    You guys the best of the U.S. Awards are tonight!! Airing on NBC on April 7th!

    This tweet also deals with the taping, I believe:

    Tweet from Erin Hamlin:

    Erin Hamlin @erinhamlin
    Casual to DC to see @BarackObama & @MichelleObama with all of my 2014 @USOlympic & @USParalympics teammates!! #USAReunion

    Cute tweet about Evan and Michelle:

    Meghan Tran ‏@meghantran
    Just lunched next to @MichelleWKwan and @EvanLysacek!! I did everything in my power not to fan girl them at @chefgeoffs! Enjoy tonight!

    Sounds so exciting!!!
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    From US Figure Skating twitter:

    U.S. Figure SkatingVerified account‏@USFigureSkating ·
    Excited to see @taralipinski and @JohnnyGWeir on the red carpet tonight as well as @MichelleWKwan and @EvanLysacek presenting awards! (Looking forward to seeing Evan and Michelle as presenters)

    Also from USFS (another shot of the Red Carpet):

    U.S. Figure Skating @USFigureSkating
    Headed to Washington D.C. with #TeamUSA for #BestOfUS! Check for updates throughout the day!

    As I understand it, the show will be taped tonight (4/2/14) and broadcast on April 7th on either NBC or one of its cable outlets.

    Hopefully, there will be plenty of photos and articles posted this evening!
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    Camera Michelle's Arrival

    First picture of Michelle's arrival in blue--looking good!!

    Michelle getting her hair styled earlier:
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    The athletes will meet President Obama tomorrow (4/3/14). Because of the tragedy at Ford Hood, this may not be possible. I am sure that the President or the First Lady will greet the athletes. Michelle is scheduled to speak at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville tomorrow, so it's likely she will not be able to attend the meeting with the President.

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    CAROLB, here's look at Michelle's shoes from Getty Images--the watermark does not hide them!

    Another lovely pic from Getty:
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    Three Getty pics without the marks--they may be posted, but I lost count!

    Gorgeous pictures:
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    teach23, those shoes are beautiful and look so nice on her feet. Michelle's hair, make up and dress was perfection. She sure keeps her body in perfect shape. She is an asset to Obama's fitness program.

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    Michelle looks gorgeous in Blue. Thanks for all the updates!

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    I was able to see the broadcast of "Best of U.S." Tara and Johnny spoke to Michelle briefly on the red carpet. She was the second presenter (for best female Paralympic). She did a good job and she looked very nice on camera. I caught a few glimpses of her in the audience next to Evan. Tara and Johnny were sort of behind the scenes--they were not bad.
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