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Thread: Meryl and Charlie on DWTS!

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    Default Meryl and Charlie on DWTS!

    Meryl and Maks vs. Charlie and Sharma!

    Here's a light look at things:

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    It's going to be so strange to watch Meryl and Charlie compete against each other. It should be interesting.

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    I'll be rooting for Charlie all the way! Of course, that might be difficult with Billy Dee in the mix, too. :p

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    Glad that the rumours were true about Meryl and Charlie doing DWTS.

    Here is an Access Hollywood interview with Meryl and Charlie about DWTS. They both look great!

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    Although part of me still wants Charlie and Meryl to go to worlds, I am so glad they are getting this opportunity. It would be great if this brought a renewed in figure skating in the U.S.

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    I fully understand why they're doing Dancing With the Stars, and not going to Worlds. 1.) It's a huge pay day. You make hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing DWTS, and you make even more if you go far (which they're very likely to do). 2.) It'll expand their celebrity even further, and set them up nicely for a life in the spotlight after skating if that's what the want to do. All the blood, sweat, and tears they put into the sport for the last 18+ years, and this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    I am however bummed they wont be at Worlds. They were already odds on favor to win the Gold, but without Virtue and Moir they would've won the gold just by showing up in the arena. It's nice to be a 2x World Champion, it's even nicer to be a 3x World Champion, but cest la vie.

    If I'm Virtue and Moir now I'd be thinking.........Hmmmm.....we can train for 2 lousy weeks and get a 3rd World Title, why not....

    PS: If were another constestant this season, I'd be a little pissed. It's one thing to have Evan Lysacek or Kristi Yamagucci on the show. It's quite another to have Davis and White who are ice dancers competing. Ice Dance in many ways is Ballroom on Blades. They're already 10x further then the other contestants with their knowledge of partnering, carriage, various dance !rythms, and steps.

    What might have been more fair is if they required Merryl and Charlie to dance with each other, as opposed to with a Pro. Then you would've had pro-ice dancer, who are amature ballroom dancers, comepting against celebrities paired with knowelegable professional dancers.

    In any event I'm still pleased as punch to see them on DWTS. And cant wait to vote for them!
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    Michelle, she had me at 6.0!

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    I haven't watched DWTS since Evan was on it - I'll for sure watch this season!

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    I loved seeing Meryl and Charlie dance but felt that Meryl, who got all 8's for her cha cha, was undermarked. To me she out-performed the other two dancers who got the exact same score for the cha cha. Charlie, who had a contempoary dance and was the last dancer, got all 9's, the highest score of the evening. Next week Meryl will be doing a swing dance, and Charlie will do a tango. When the celebs were first introduced to their partners, Meryl's partner Max asked if she could do turns and quickly found out just how well she could. Charlie's partner, Sharna, said she was concerned about whether Charlie would have the proper hip movement for the sexier Latin dances. Tango is a good choice for him as he has skated to that type of music. Skaters I recognized in the audience were Gracie Gold, Kristi Yamaguchi, and, of course, Tanith Belbin.

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