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Thread: Olympic Performances on Youtube?

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    Tv Olympic Performances on Youtube?

    I have been trying to find some of the performances from the Olympics that I loved or missed but none are posted on Youtube. Of course, I do not know who these sainted people are who post all of the programs for our enjoyment. However, usually somebody does post it. I wonder if NBC is not allowing the programs to be posted? Anybody know the story with that?

    Many Thanks.

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    I remember that it took a long time after Vancouver for the Olympic programs to surface on youtube. I suppose it could be
    copyright issues. I am annoyed that there is nothing up yet. I have Comcast Cable and they have all 4 discplines on demand
    so I have been fast-forwarding and re-watching my favorites.
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    Ah ok, so I shall not give up hope. I just have to be patient. Thank you so much for the helpful response!
    "Work hard, be yourself, and have fun!" --Michelle Kwan

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    Default has a few available if you do a search for say Davis and White free dance or Jeremy Abbott free skate. Don't know if you have to be a cable subscriber, though. I rewatch Davis and White and Jeremy every day.
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