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Thread: Olympic Men's SP

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    Default Olympic Men's SP

    I was just watching the men's short programs live on NBCSN. Jeremy Abbott took a horrendous fall in attempting the 4T-3T combo, hit the wall hard and looked as if he might be seriously injured. He lay on the ice for close to 20 seconds, then struggled to his feet. After some stretching he resumed his program with fire in his eyes and did a great job with what remained. He got in all the remaining technical elements and despite having the choreography disrupted he got a creditable score of some 72 points. Just seeing that gutsy act of getting up and finishing strong brought tears to my eyes. My guess is that the judges respected him big time and perhaps had some twinges of sadness as they did what they had to do with the marks. He said afterward that he knew instantly that any chance of a medal was gone but he was determined to make the most of what was left of this Olympic experience. He said that when he heard the roar of applause as he got up, he knew that he had to go on.
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    Someone please help me find a pic of Irina wearing the same costume as Evgeni. Please

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    Gonna watch it tonight He's such a great skater. It's too bad he can't put it together
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    Glad t his board is back! Anyway, Maxima gold pairs Russians were boring and I hated their costumes. I have seen so much better...
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    I am really looking forward to the men's SP tonight but am sorry to hear that Jeremy Abbott had such a hard fall. I really wish he would have skated as well as he did at the 2010 Nationals. Jason Brown, whose home town is near mine, is in 6th place, so I am excited about that. Iceangelica, I was also disappointed with the free skate of the Russians who won gold. I thought they could have picked much more interesting music, and I didn't like their costumes at all. If they continue to skate, maybe Michelle can introduce them to Vera Wang.

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    guys are still doing the butt spin? lol ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s0nginmyheart View Post
    guys are still doing the butt spin? lol ugh.
    I totally agree about that butt spin. Maybe the position was thought up by a proctologist.

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