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Thread: 2014 Nationals...anyone going?

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    Default 2014 Nationals...anyone going?

    Hey everyone! I'm going to the men's LP and exhibition this coming Sunday. Is anyone else going?

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    Going! I'll be there Thursday through Sunday for all senior events. I've seen some MKF peeps on FSU who are attending. We should totally have an informal lunch or dinner one day this week!

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    My shirt for Nationals:

    I hope it prints ok. That's not me, but you won't be able to miss me lol

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    Lunch or dinner sounds like fun! I'm only going Saturday, but I live in the Boston area, so I could try to do something. I just can't do Friday.

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    I'm going to the ladies' long, but I am driving in and out locally and have a baby shower just before, so I probably can't meet up. Too bad! I would have liked to meet some of you at long last! This is the first time I am attending Nats.

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