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Thread: I wish MIRAI will go back to Frank C.

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    Default I wish MIRAI will go back to Frank C.

    She was making great progress!! I was heart-broken when she left Frank. She just needed a bit more time to just stick it with him and go all the way...

    Dear Mirai,

    Please go back to Frank Carroll. You need his discipline.
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    I really do not think it would make a difference at this point. I watch Mirai and ask myself why is she out there. Nothing in her face or body language says she is enjoying herself.
    Appears to just be going through the motions. Skating because it is something she is good at as opposed skating because it is something she loves to do.
    "Never let anyone tell you
    you can't do it".

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    Did you see how the judges treated her for small minor mistakes? Wouldn't feel the same way? Ashley two-footer crowned before you and Rachel Flatt crowned before you .... some of these people do not deserve their podium standings.. and the butt-fall from Alissa and she was still crowned queen? A JOKE....

    Good way to push down an athlete... it'll come back and bite US in the butt... Ashley's got a llllooong way... Gracie... getting there.....

    Funny how Christine Gao was underscored too... Good luck USA
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    Our ladies field is a joke. None of them are any better than Mirai.
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    I loved Mirai's skating. I'll always remember when she won U.S. Championship 2008 in St. Paul, Minn. I saw the ladies long skate live and loved Caroline's long skate, too. She had people standing clapping after her long/free skate. I thought these two skaters, Mirai and Caroline would go far but I guess its really hard to maintain or to skate as you were when you were 14/15. I think in Mirai's case, the expectations got to be too much. She did get a chance to go to the last Olympics and that is quite an accomplishment.

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    I thought that at first but I honestly feel like she's in a better place right now. As great as Frank was, Mirai needed a different approach. I think she's made some improvements under her current coaches. She doesn't look as miserable as she has in the past and I think her programs are better as well.

    I hope she has two strong performances at NHK this week.
    Michelle Kwan

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