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Thread: New possibility that the forum may be hacked!

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    Default New possibility that the forum may be hacked!

    Yesterday I tried to access the forum through the SkateWeb site as I usually do. I got a full screen banner that the site had been hacked by FINKS...claiming to be an Indonesian group. I also received the same message when I attempted to reach the forum through the link on Heather Winfield's website. I've sent emails to the administrator here and to Sandra Loosemore for SkateWeb.

    Obviously the forum is still I'm not sure what is going on but I thought everyone should know about it. I did run a full virus and malware scan after encountering the hacked warning and everything seems ok.

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    Thanks. I had the same experience and came in to the forum through another direction.

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    This intrusion of MKF -- by, at a minimum, Spammers, and maybe worse by what I'm reading in this thread -- has been going on for a good year now. I noticed this last year when some obvious Spammer names started appearing in the "Welcome to Our Newest Member" listing and as signed-on members.

    In this regard, I notice that the "Spam-O-Matic" statistics, shown below, haven't changed at all in months.

    Spam-O-Matic Statistics
    4 Spammers Permanently Banned

    12 Spammy Posts Automatically Moderated

    Over on FSU, in contrast, the Spam-O-Matic statistics change regularly. This leads me to believe that MKF's Spam-O-Matic may not be on or is not operating properly.

    At work during my lunch hour, when I check the Forum, I do so via a Google search for "Michelle Kwan Forum," and get on through one of the search results. However, for quite some time, some of the search results say, "This site may be compromised...Cialis..." etc.

    I even had an obvious spammer here comment on one of my stories in the Fan Fiction Forum with the following comment, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the story:

    "Oh so sad to miss it very very fantastic just handsoff & very very thanks to you post such a useful information just love these type activities."

    Incidentally that post, in the Signature line, had a link that appeared to be to a broadband company -- but obviously I didn't click on the link to find out.

    Finally, I think we should be on the lookout for any posts that at first glance appear to be from established members but which are actually by Spammers, etc., employing minor variations of established members' names.

    ETA: I've noticed that the "Active Members" number is climbing, although I see no increase in activity on the Forum that would account for that.
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    Thanks for alerting us to this threat. I have never had a problem getting on to the forum, but I have noticed all of the odd poster names that Rick spoke of. I hope that Heather and the moderators are able to come up with a solution to this, before it gets worse.

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    I have been trying to get on and mine said hacked by Don or something so I got off quickly.I did a search for MKF and now this is how I am coming on here.I had MKF at my home page but got rid of it.I also tried Heather's site and got same result.I sent email to Grace about since I had her email.I had changed my email and never got it changed on here so did not know if they had send email about it.Needless to say I have changed it now.Hope they can figure out what is going on.PJN

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    I had the same problem ... "Hacked by Don" but didn't find a way onto the forum until it got cleared up.

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    I had the same problem. I went to Heather's website and sent an email to her. Was not able to access MKF until the problem had been rectified.

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