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Thread: Alissa Czisny withdrew from Nationals

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    Default Alissa Czisny withdrew from Nationals

    Here is a link to the story. I hope she recovers soon.

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    This is the main reason why, three years ago on MKF, I was concerned over Michelle contemplating a comeback in Vancouver. I was worried over the possibility that she might sustain an injury (a reinjury) worse than what happened in 2006.

    Although I would have loved to have seen a never-injured Michelle skate in Vancouver, that was not the reality, so I'm glad she opted not to.

    And I certainly hope for a quick and complete recovery for Alissa. However, I think she needs to do some serious thinking now as to whether she should continue her career or not. No athletic career is worth permanent disability.

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    3/3 are so bad on girls' hips. It's okay for the guys...
    On top of that, can someone please let Mirai know that she should get back with Frank Carroll? He is the only person that can discipline her abilities. I love how he helps her improve technically.

    Please go back to Frank and just hire a sports psychologist.
    WHAT doesnt KILL U, will MAKE U Stronger

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    Ah I was looking forward to her coming back at Nationals. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her compete next season 100% healthy.

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    Oh no. I was really looking forward to seeing her. I hope that she's back for next year's Olympic season!

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