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Thread: MKF Under Cyber-"Attack"?

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    Default MKF Under Cyber-"Attack"?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who, as of late, has noticed some strange screen names appearing under "Currently Active Users." To me, these don't seem like they're legitimate member names, but instead automatically computer-generated names as would be generated by spammer programs.

    Also, in running Google searches for "Michelle Kwan Forum" recently, some of the search results I've seen have included the warning "This Site May Be Compromised." And a couple of such search results contained ads for Cialis.

    I'm not computer-savvy enough to know what's going on here, but obviously something is. I've alerted Grace to this via PM.

    I don't know if the following might happen -- but I think we should be alert for offensive troll posts seemingly posted by, but out of character of, legitimate MKF members.
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    Thanks for the "heads up" Rick. Your comment "search results contained ads for Cialis.r " rang a bell. Over on FSU someone commented that one of the sites which people were posting links to for pictures from Nebelhorn was showing ads for cialis. The webmistress tweeted that the site was having problems and would be up for real shortly.

    You just never know anymore. Just read that many U. S. banks have been flooded and are inaccessible to account holders.

    Guess it's best not to respond to any negative remarks from posters with no history here.


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    ..... could be nathan trying to get his revenge for being banned a few years ago .... lol

    ... wish i didn't know now ....

    ..... what i didn't know then ....


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