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Thread: 06/29 Michelle @ Aspen Ideas; int via CNN

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    Default 06/29 Michelle @ Aspen Ideas; int via CNN

    FSO Webmaster‏@fsonline

    Michelle Kwan is coming up on CNN Newsroom.

    Posted 4 hrs ago on Twitter


    Video with MK, panel discussion

    This is all that I could find when I googled. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
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    "....and in fact lived every moment of her life as if a child might be watching..."

    Christine Brennan on Michelle Kwan 2/12/06

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    Here's an article on Michelle's participation at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwanette View Post
    FSO Webmaster‏@fsonline

    Michelle Kwan is coming up on CNN Newsroom.

    Posted 4 hrs ago on Twitter


    Video with MK, panel discussion

    This is all that I could find when I googled. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
    I found a transcript of the CNN interview:

    And speaking of women in sports. Many young women have found positions of power and influence, even long after they've left the sport that they've mastered. Well, I spoke to two such women earlier right here at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Former Olympians Michelle Kwan and journalist Michelle Brennan.


    MALVEAUX: Michelle, you moved from L.A. to D.C. You've been appointed by Secretary Clinton as part of the State Department envoy. Explain what you do.

    MICHELLE KWAN, FORMER OLYMPIC ATHLETE: Well, being on the council empowering women and girls through sports, it's a very key initiative to empower women and girls. I have seen, through my travels as a public diplomacy envoy, on the president's council of fitness, sports and nutrition, the benefits of sports. I've learned -- personally learned a lot of lessons, like dedication, discipline, falling, getting back up and keep on going.

    MALVEAUX: We all fall, yes. Good to get back up.

    KWAN: And that's what -- it gives girls opportunities. MALVEAUX: Why is that important to girls and young women? Why athletics and sports? What role does that play?

    KWAN: Well, sports teaches you many lessons. Also it promotes self- esteem, confidence, and this is like we have talked about earlier, in 1972, I talked to girls in generations that don't know that only 40 years ago some girls didn't have an opportunity to play in sports. We have come a long way in the states, but in other countries, and this is what the council does. It will be going global sportsmen or thing where Americans are engaging in other parts of the world like South Africa, and like Egypt and like Afghanistan where they are developing and using sports as a tool to mold self-esteem, confidence and empowering women and girls.

    MALVEAUX: Christine, talk about the 40th anniversary of Title IX and what that means for women today.

    BRENNAN: Well, it is huge and you can make a strong case that this is the most important law in our country over the last 40 years, and I know that others could argue, but it is not about sports, as Michelle said, but empowering girls and women and to think for generations, Suzanne, we were telling half of the population, women, girls, that you could not learn about winning and losing at a young age and you could not learn about teamwork and sportsmanship, and the fact that the law came along I think it will have women running for president throughout the 20s, 30s and the 40s in the country, and the common denominator for all of those women are going to be that they played sports because of Title IX.

    MALVEAUX: I met this woman here at the Aspen Institute and she is Kenyan and an Olympian and the fastest woman in the world and she is using sports now to turn warriors and soldiers into competitors and athletes, and she is using sports as a tool for peace. Explain the significance of that.

    KWAN: I think that one of the messages is to drop the guns and run. But I think that it is a very strong message to send to people. That, the way of friendly competition, and you look at the Olympics, itself, and 200 nations coming together for a friendly competition, and we were talking about ping-pong diplomacy and in terms of the sports, it is a way to engage with other countries in a friendly manner.

    MALVEAUX: Why does that happen, Christine, do you think, that it is that powerful that you could have enemies put down the weapons and play a game?

    BRENNAN: One of the pleasures of covering the Olympics and Michelle of course at the games and so many other athletes and you saw that thing. Jackie Joyner-Kersee going against the East Germans and we can't stand them politically and hugging each other and shaking hand hands and you had that with the competitors who come from nations that we don't necessarily agree with, because it transcends goodwill and fair play and it transcends everything else. That is the message that certainly Michelle is talk about with the State Department initiative.

    MALVEAUX: Talk about the Olympics, because there is someone who is going to stand out and always an event to look for, and who are you watching and Christine, who are you watching?

    MICHELLE: Allyson Felix, and she is on the president's council for fitness and nutrition, and she is a young woman who is so inspiring to young girls who want to be in track, and she does it in a way that not only is she smart, strong, beautiful and she can run fast.


    BRENNAN: And in the pool, there is Missy Franklin who is 17 years old, and she could be in six or seven events in swimming at the London games, and if she is, we will look at her as the female Michael Phelps, and she is 17, so she has several more Olympics coming after this.

    MALVEAUX: And final question here, we have an obesity crisis in the country, and there are so many young people struggling, and even getting type I i diabetes because they are inactive, and how do we get the young people involved to take care of themselves and be physically active? What needs to happen?

    KWAN: I have a sense of responsibility, because I was an athlete and Olympian promoting physical activity, and the benefits of sports, and also being an athlete, you have to eat well and sleep and you have to -- and as I transition out of skating into another career path, I have to remind myself, what was it like to eat healthy and sleep and take care of yourself and kids, 1 of 3 children are obese. That is a big problem. So being on the president's council and working with the firs first lady let's move initiative is encouraging people to adapt healthier lifestyles.

    BRENNAN: And also, what we are seeing is that schools are cutting phys ed, and afterschool programs and frankly, we are going to wrong direction at a time as Michelle said so right, we have to be going the other direction. I think that it has to become a national initiative. You know, we have to care about this again almost the way that back with John Kennedy and that physical fitness craze in the '60s, but do we have the money to pay for it.

    MALVEAUX: Christine and Michelle, thank you so much. Thank you for your time.

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    Here's a video from the Aspen Ideas Festival:

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    Here's another article with picture and video:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beverly View Post
    Here's another article with picture and video:
    I must object to the picture used in this article. The one shown from Nagano was just after she got off the ice and thought she had done enough to win!! The sad tears came later. :-(
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    I love her quote in the aspen video, "live everyday with no regrets." I think I'll incorporated that into my classroom philosophy for the coming school year.
    I usually use, "Don't cry because it's over, smile becuase it happened, " by Dr. Seuss. I think they work well together! I love Michelle--she's just a beautiful genuis!
    MICHELLE raises me up!

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    I just love Michelle. Her open-heartedness, honesty and compassion just shines through here. She is a role model for the ages.

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