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Thread: 2012 Nationals - HALL OF FAME

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    It's a gorgeous day in San Diego today.. waarmer than usual. Am going to be freezing for me :p

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    Just decided to bite and order the ticket for the Ladies FS just now after having so much fun last night at the Ladies' SP, my first ever trip to Nationals. I figure I'll just make an excuse and work a half day Saturday since this is a once in a lifetime event to see Michelle get honored on the same ice she won her first National Title! BTW I'm in section 127 Row 20 Seat 9 where I have a clear shot of the K&C/Entrance, having looked around the arena yesterday at the Ladies' SP. BTW, for those of you in Section 120, it is also by the K&C/Entrance side so you all should have a great view! I could've gotten Section 120, but the ticket in Sec 127 was cheaper and has an unobstructed view of the entrance/K&C! Hope to see you all there!

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    I hope that the girls are out of their minds with excitement to see Michelle Kwan - like we always were! Wishing I was there. I have a feeling her speech will be inspirational, humble, memorable - tears will flow from her many fans.

    Miss Barb and I are planning to go to Nationals next year in Omaha...since its drivable, we plan another "Thelma and Louise" road trip. We're going to Omaha for the whole week - might even drive to my home town in Kansas. I haven't been back for almost 10 years, but there are no longer close friends and family there ... just that feeling of familiarity with where you came from. I'll send you a pm soon - thrilling news for my granddaughter's dance dreams!!

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    Default Is the induction tonight (Friday)????

    Okay, folks, help me here -- according to Amy Rosewater's article the actual induction of Michelle into the HOF is this evening, Friday, not Saturday, tomorrow at 4:00 pm! I expressly bought a ticket for Saturday to be able to see the ceremony.

    Have I already missed it????!!!!!!

    Help me - I'm going to be so disappointed if I don't see this live!

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    Tonight is the actual induction and many MKFers will be there (I'm incredibly jealous, people. I should have robbed a bank so I could go. I'm not even kidding.) That's at the hotel at 10:00p, and then the recognition tomorrow at 4p between the Ladies fs groups.

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