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Thread: "She's A Good Skate" Charlie Brown was on ABC last night(Dec 30)

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    Heart "She's A Good Skate" Charlie Brown was on ABC last night(Dec 30)

    Last night I was pleasantly surprised when "She's a Good Skate Charlie Brown" aired on ABC last night after the Peanuts New Year Special. The special is about Permerment Patty competing in a figure skating competation. This show brought back some good memories of my childhood and holds a special place in my heart because it was the beginning of me becoming a figure skating fan. Has anyone seen this special before?

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    Missed the show, but had those good old parties for my kids an their friends. I especially remember the Kristi parties for my middle child and her friends when they'd cluster around the set to watch Kristi skate. What fun.
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    Back in the late 1960s, I recall a series of Peanuts comic strips in which Snoopy was considering trying out for the Olympics as a skater! I'm not sure, but I think in one strip he referred to Peggy Fleming as "Sweetie." I'm going to have to do more research on this and try to locate those strips.

    I also love the skating scene from 1965's A Charlie Brown Christmas.
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    I caught the end of it. It was really cute. Charles Schulz (and, therefore, Snoopy) and Peggy both lived in the Bay Area and became friends.

    Here's a cute video:

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    i am so sad i missed this. I remember seeing it many years ago (something happened to her music maybe, and snoopy whistled the that right or am I remembering a dream i had? LOL). maybe i can find it online. thanks for posting this though.
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    I'll share this in "Cloud 9".
    Stay tuned...It's there, now!
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