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Thread: Wallpaper - "Olympic Spirit" (MK, Nagano '98 theme)

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    Heart Wallpaper - "Olympic Spirit" (MK, Nagano '98 theme)

    Yesterday I wound up watching Michelle's programs from the 1998 season. I set out to create a desktop wallpaper using images from "Lyra Angelica", but there are no good quality (large) images, or images without watermarks that I could use to do that so I used a newer image of Michelle and the front and back of a Nagano Olympics medal that I found via Google image search and made this wallpaper.

    The lyrics used are from Gloria Estefan's song "Reach" which was a song used for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.


    I'm unsure of the size as Photobucket shrunk it a little. The original size (1680x1050 pixels) will be up on my site later this month:
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    That's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!!

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    Oh my gosh! The wallpaper is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Thank you so much guys! I'm glad you like the wallpaper

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