After serious thoughts and considerations, we, along with the administrators of the MKF, have determined that it is in the best interest of this Board to close the political forum. The continual hostility exhibited here, and the numerous repeated violations of Forum rules, do not reflect what Michelle represents. Further, MKF is a family forum, and the content contained in the political discussion threads are a constant concern to us as to their appropriateness for young children who may be reading. Finally, it has become apparent to us that the political forum is no longer used except by a few MKF members. In the Rules and Guidelines for the Political Forum, it is specifically stated that the Political Forum will be closed completely if it becomes a problem. The Guidelines in the FAQ also says that "If there are any continuing problems in this section, at any time, the moderators can decide to close the section immediately." For all these reasons, we have decided that the political forum shall no longer be a part of MKF.

Our decision is final. Any request for reconsideration will not be accepted, and no response will be given to any such request.

Additionally, we ask all frequent contributors to the political forum to kindly refrain from disrupting Random Chat and any other parts of MKF with political/religion related topics that normally would belong in the political forum and that are posted for the sole intent of inciting controversial political/religious debates. All such posts will be removed by MKF moderators at their sole discretion. If any person is deemed by MKF moderators or administrators to be trolling or purposely causing problems after the political forum is closed, further action will be taken, including banning of such person from MKF.

We want to remind everyone that MKF is a figure skating forum devoted to Michelle Kwan. Its main purpose is for figure skating fans to discuss topics related to Michelle and to figure skating. For people who are interested in debating political topics, there are numerous other boards and places on the internet that are better suited and more appropriate for that purpose.


Alexa (aka ProbativeV) and Liz (aka IzzyS)