Yes, here's another thread in response to a couple of posts in the Nobama thread. Supposedly, Obama has been "rushing" or "sneaking" legislation through Congress that would give him unconstitutional rights to regulate companies.

Following the links, this apparently is about H.R. 4173, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

FYI, it passed the House (on a recorded vote that is a matter of public record) in December and has spent the last several months in a Senate committee, where there have been many stories written about the deliberations & amendments. If, at some point, it is voted on & passed by the full Senate, the amended version will have to be voted on by the House again. And if the House makes any changes, the Senate will have to vote on it again.

Obviously, this legislation is being handled in exactly the same way as any other bill that has passed Congress. It certainly is not being "secretly rushed through."