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Thread: Crashing the Tea Parties? Whose Plot Is It?

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    Default Crashing the Tea Parties? Whose Plot Is It?

    Apparently Rush & a bunch of other right-leaning types are spreading the info that "Democrats" are planning to infiltrate some tea party events & make it look like the tea party people are "a bunch of racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes."

    So, basically, the Tea Parties are trying to have it both ways. They can just go ahead & act like "a bunch of racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes" & then, if anyone notices, they can just blame it all on Democrats. After all, Rush has just laid the groundwork for this to happen. Pretty ingenious, actually.

    HOWEVER, here's how to tell if the "real" Tea Party people are indeed "a bunch of racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes": If there are "party crashers" acting this way, look to see how the people around them react. IF the crowd seems offended & shouts them down, blocks their signs and/or asks them to leave, then the Tea Party people are indeed nice guys & not in favor of the hate talk. BUT, if the crowd cheers & supports the messages of the "party crashers," then it doesn't really matter whether or not these messages actually came from "real" tea partiers. Because the "real" tea partiers would have shown their true feelings by supporting the hate talk & proving that, yes, they indeed are "a bunch of racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes."

    Sorry, Rush, you really can't have it both ways.
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    Poor Tea Partiers...the worst thing is that they are deficient in their American History, and have taken their name in error.

    In response, the British Parliament immediately passed the Boston Port Act stating that the port of Boston would be closed until the citizens of Boston reimbursed the East India Company for the tea they had destroyed. The colonists refused. A year and a half later, the colonists would again state their defiance of the East India Company and Great Britain by taking on British troops in an armed conflict at Lexington and Concord (the “shots heard 'round the world”) on April 19, 1775.

    That war—finally triggered by a transnational corporation and its government patrons trying to deny American colonists a fair and competitive local marketplace—would end with independence for the colonies.

    The revolutionaries had put the East India Company in its place with the Boston Tea Party, and that, they thought, was the end of that. Unfortunately, the Boston Tea Party was not the end of that. It was only the beginning of the power of corporations in America.
    That is the true story of The ORIGINAL Tea Party. It wasn't an "anti-government" protest. It was an anti-COPORATIST movement. The East India Company was pushing small, local businesses OUT of the market place.
    The notion of a free marketplace was jeopardized.
    Although schoolchildren are usually taught that the American Revolution was a rebellion against “taxation without representation,” akin to modern day conservative taxpayer revolts, in fact what led to the revolution was rage against a transnational corporation that, by the 1760s, dominated trade from China to India to the Caribbean, and controlled nearly all commerce to and from North America, with subsidies and special dispensation from the British crown.
    Here is a good lesson on the original tea-party of 1773....and on what is happening today.

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    Looks like Rush has been dipping into the pain killers again.

    Tea partiers don't need any assistance looking like a bunch of racist homophobes when you have supporters like Huckabee equating gay marriage and adoption to "incest" and "treating children like puppies."

    They're doing a mighty fine job ALL ON THEIR OWN.

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    True, but I really would hope that people (Democrats or otherwise) don't waste time & effort on the supposed "infiltration." Really, it's just not a constructive use of time

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    Now, lol, I'm reading that the supposed founder of the "Crash the Party" web site is actually a GOP operative who is trying to make Democrats look bad.
    Kind of a double-agent thing.

    So I suppose the bottom line is still: If there is hateful conduct at tea party events, don't make any assumptions about who is causing it & why. Instead, watch how the crowd reacts & judge that. It will be more instructive as to true sentiment.

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    I can't quote it exactly, but the latest Palin call to victory was "We are locked and loaded when it comes to opposing the climate change hysteria." I'm just speechless. Who in the world actually select this nutball.....for anything. Everytime she opens her mouth now, its about extermination.

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