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Thread: Carmina Burano

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    Default Carmina Burano

    I just watched it twice as well as Winter Song again. Oh my. Maybe someday someone will come along who can match her talent, her grace, her magic, but they haven't yet.

    grannie frances

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    this would have made for an amazing competitive SP, and would have prolly brought the house down. and there is STILL no one who launches into a COE spiral at the right crescendo in the music with the speed, control, and passion like she does.
    Thank you Michelle Kwan, for the heart you continue to share with all of us.

    "When Michelle takes the ice, it's like Moses parting the waters... the Kween is on. Here I am. Take a look. In your face."--Charlie Cyr

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    Have you got a link?

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    Michelle's exceptional programs are posted in Cloud Nine for anyone that wishes to download them.

    Winter Song

    Carmina Burana

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    I started smiling when Michelle took the ice and the smile of delight didn't leave my face until she was off the ice completely. Sublime, vintage Michelle. I love it, I love it.
    Is love alive? You betcha

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