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Thread: I guess you have your reasons

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    Default I guess you have your reasons

    Dear Michelle,

    Congratulations on all you've accomplished since the last Olympics. I've watched all the YouTube videos of your skating in Korea. I really wish you'd skate for us, skate for all the Americans who cheered you along. I thought you hadn't done at least one show for TV because you couldn't skate due to your injuries and was both surprised and pleased to see you skate so beautifully in Korea.

    I guess you have your reasons, but it just seems to me that you would want to at least do a farewell show since none of us (or you) got to celebrate the end of your ameture career.

    A fan forever,

    Missing Michelle

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    Possibly, it's just that Michelle was asked to skate in Korea, and hasn't necessarily been asked or offered tour skating opportunities in the United States. Or perhaps, the chance to skate in Korea fit into her busy schedule.

    I too so much enjoyed seeing Michelle on the ice again in Korea. I also agree it would be so wonderful to see Michelle skate again in the U.S. on a tour, or an ice show on Broadway, or a tv special. I think Michelle's final COI season was a kind of farewell tour, if you were lucky enough to see it. Lots of us do so miss Michelle on the ice, and feel the loss of her extraordinary presence.

    Thanks Michelle for all you've done in skating and for what you're doing now to serve your country!

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