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Thread: Michelle article on twirlit

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    Default Michelle article on twirlit

    I think the answer to the question posed is "no one!"

    "It's all about a love of the sport." Michelle on USA Network's Olympic Ice.

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    Indeed, no one has had the impact that she has had, among the recent crop.
    Future skaters will really have to work to match her.

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    ITA boona. Kristi has done well, been a good role model though. but still..MK is exceedingly besting everyone's expectations.
    She is not point to point, she is everywhere! She is MichaelAngelo and the ice is her chapel.~.KIRK WESSLER, sports editor, from the PJ Star in Peoria, Illinois.

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    It's apparent to me--all the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon were all in perfect alignment the day Michelle was born. From me--a resounding NO--no other female athlete has had the effect Michelle has--on the ice and off.
    Is love alive? You betcha

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    As far as female skaters who've either been World or Oly Champ, Kat Witt, Kristi, Denise Bealman went on to become successful entrepreneurs and spokespersons aside from their skating. You may add in Peggy, Dorothy Hamill and possibly a couple others as well. Tenley Albright, Debbie Thomas, and Shizuka Awakara (college educated) is a combo of beauty, brains & talent. Tenley Albright became an MD, and Debbie a surgeon. Shizuka finished her university degree prior to winning the Olys, models and has lucrative endorsement deals, as well as commentating for Japanese tv on skating. Michelle falls into the beauty, brains & talent category, but as far as accomplishments she stands out above the others. Not just beauty & talent, she has great down-to-earth appeal, great communication skills (she articulates quite well, even at a young age), wholesome image (hence great marketability and worldwide fame, having achieved iconic status in and outside of figure skating), and a tremendous intellect. I must admit her acceptance and enrollment at Fletcher's was a surprise to me. I wasn't expecting her to be interested in diplomacy at all. I knew she's smart but... a scholar? and doing graduate studies in diplomacy?? This child does not cease to surprise me with her abilities. Her family must be so proud.
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