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Thread: skating situation question?

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    Default skating situation question?

    No idea where this probably should have i came here.
    I have an Honest to goodness question that in NO WAY means to put anyone down, or make light of a situation. Honestly, i just wonder which way this would go and why? not because i doubt a skaters decision, but because i just got curious as to the whys, etc.
    I read on twitter that some skater from another country had to withdraw because they didnt have skates for whatever reason. Now, i just asked the question simply because i am NOT a skater and dont know..therefore i ask.
    Would you withdraw rather than get a different pair of skates (which, in not TOTALLY STUPID..i realize that of course its hard to skate in boots you arent used to...i know they have had had problems in past trying to adjust to new, etc) but i just wondered, is it not considered better to at least try to skate in unusual boots/skates than to withdraw? would it not be better for ur country? or are you penalized more for trying and making mistakes, than for not trying? i realize maybe they had another participant from the same country who could have placed just as high or close...but i just wondered which way it would go. AS FAR AS what is better on the record for the skater and/or the skater's country?
    i asked on twitter, and only got "you'd have to be a skater to understand" well DUH, obviously. but it came across to me as if i had insulted them, when honestly, i really just wondered for the sake of the skaters. and to get a clue! lol
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    First of all... which skater withdrew from which competition? What was the actual statement? Is this from an official source? And is there a specific question you're trying to ask?

    As far as the "question" goes... it takes a skater a while to get used to a new boot & blade set (just take a look at Michael's training thread). They have to be a proper fit and you have to train in them for quite a while before you'd be comfortable. If their skates were lost/stolen/destroyed the actual acquisition of new boots and blades could take around 6-8 weeks if they were custom made (which, for a perfect fit, is more common among higher level skaters or just people with weird shaped feet). This fact alone could be the reasoning behind their decision. It has nothing to do with "representing your country" or anything else. You can't just borrow someone else's gear and hope for the best... it doesn't work that way. Depending on the situation and the preferences of the skater I would say one would just have to go with their gut instinct and do what they think is best. In the end a skater typically would not want to take a huge risk and embarrass themselves.

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    I was on twitter and Sarah and Drew posted a retweet regarding that skater (IIRC a puerto rican ladies skater) who was upset because apparently some folks were acting as if she had just "withdrawn" for no good reason. i think she was trying to get her point across (and rightfully so) that she would NEVER withdraw if it werent a must, and that she HAD NO SKATES. (yeah, she had that in all caps). So i knew there must be a reason, and i also i mean, i know it is hard to break them in and all, but i merely just wanted to pose the question that (its the 4ccs) if this happened...was this the usual result. I do remember MKs breaking at some point and her dad having to fix it with a nail, so she could skate in those boots. so i knew it was important...i just didnt realize that it would be the difference in totally not skating/withdrawing and skating in new boots. I guess i also thought that perhaps somehow, skaters might have another pair broken in "somewhat" at least just in the even that this happened.
    Like i said, i really didnt know if one's record would be marred more by having to withdraw, than to skate with errors. etc,.
    Thanks for your help!!
    She is not point to point, she is everywhere! She is MichaelAngelo and the ice is her chapel.~.KIRK WESSLER, sports editor, from the PJ Star in Peoria, Illinois.

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    I read somewhere a loooooong time ago, but after 9/11, that skaters were taking their old boots on the plane with them (with no blades) in case their checked bag with skates in them got lost. The reasoning being that you could find and attach a new set of blades a lot easier than trying to skate in brand new boots. Are skaters not doing this anymore? Because I've heard of several people getting their checked bags and skates lost. Why not just bring an old pair of boots on board? Doesn't make sense why they aren't doing this.

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