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Thread: USFSA Website

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    Default USFSA Website

    Is anyone else finding it as UN user friendly as I am?? Seriously... I want to look up the latest with regards to the various competitions, results, pictures, etc... and I feel like I have to do WAY too much clicking to find what I am not looking for.

    What is USFSA's problem?
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    I find it very user unfriendly. When I try to look up the simplest things it leads to frustration.
    What is also not good is since they changed the banner I cannot see Alyssa at all. Granted I have a small monitor, but, yes, I have always found that there is something off about that site.

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    I can't stand it. It also looks like they were going for a Christmas theme or something lol.

    It looks very ugly IMO.

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    I have felt the same way but for me it has been years in frustration of looking and looking. I depend on Synnabun for update links to where I need to find what I want to look at. Look in the spoiler section with a thread started by Synnabun, usually the first post in a thread is where she post the links.
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    Agreed! I wish they would change it. It doesn't have to be flashy, just easy to use. Sorry to say it, the ISU website is very user-friendly. Not flashy but I don't have to have a GPS to find something while using it.

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    The USFSA site seems to be oriented to the clubs & tests & things, but just horrible at keeping track of competitions & current info. Probably the worst sports site i've seen.

    I mean, USA gymnastics does a fantastic job with almost second-by-second updates at major meets. Same with tennis & golf & track & everything else.

    I think USFSA just assumes that folks will go to for everything, but they're horribly slow, too.

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    Agreed. I get really impatient with stuff like this. In this day and age, an organization like USFSA should be able to get it together and have a better, more functional website. Or at least have the brains to recognize it's bad and hire someone to fix it.

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    Maybe they should hire someone who is actually qualified to build the site....

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    I completely agree with everyone. It is the least user-friendly sports site. Even USA Gymnastics has improved its site. I didn't think anything could get any worse than theirs--but then I quickly remembered U.S. Figure Skating.
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    skatekwan6--love your Jim Mckay quote--there was a sportscaster who was always right on. I miss his fair and unbiased take on the skating world.
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    I get the impression that in order to do a search, you have to be a member of USFSA, which I think costs 50 bucks. It was unfriendly, so I didn't look into it much. The discussion board that was once on it appears to be gone, and I enjoyed reading it. Too bad, so sad!
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    Yes, it seems that USFSA has pretty much decided to be a members site & isn't really aiming to please the general fan public. Which, i suppose, makes some sense because there's now the icenetwork site for competition info (which USFSA never was very good at anyway). No sense in duplicating stuff.

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