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Thread: 2010 US National Championships - Ladies

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    i am gaga about Mirai's SP also. i came here last nite right after it aired, and ranted about how beautiful it was. MADE MY NIGHT!

    As for Sasha, again, like her fine. Just dont want her to go to olympics undeserved, thats all. (Plus i was thinking, ppl are acting like she's 80 years old coming back, when in reality Michelle was 25 in the last i wonder if that bothers Sasha being treated like she's their grandmother or something) I just hate all the hipocrisy and over hype!
    Sarah had a much better attitude when Michelle was favored to win over her, than did Tara, hence my problem with Tara. She was younger, and hadnt been in it as long..what was the problem? Nancy (even though she whined bout other things) NEVER whined because Kristi was favored over her. So i never got Tara's attitude, except to say that perhaps it came from her mother. which i really didnt get. but thats JMHO.

    If Sasha makes it to the olympics, then is downgraded b/c of flutzing..etc...i think we should hunt down the nationals judges and make them explain why they didnt call it and grade her fairly IF they do indeed unfairly send her through.

    It never ceases to amaze me why people come here and are upset because we think Michelle wasn't treated right. Or why we love her is the MICHELLE KWAN FORUM..isnt this WHERE we should come to vent and praise?
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    She is not point to point, she is everywhere! She is MichaelAngelo and the ice is her chapel.~.KIRK WESSLER, sports editor, from the PJ Star in Peoria, Illinois.

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