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Thread: Ticket Available For Men's & Ladies' Free Skate

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    cappel Guest

    Default Ticket Available For Men's & Ladies' Free Skate

    I have one ticket available for Saturday's Men's and Ladies' Free Skate, Section 101, Row D, Seat 4. Will sell for best offer. Will deliver in person in Atlanta. Email responses to no later than 7:00 AM EST Tuesday, January 6th.

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    pjsam Guest


    I purchased this seat for the Men's/Ladies Short Program and the Skating Spectacular. They are really nice and letting me pay and pick up the ticket just before the MFK luncheon on Thursday at the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse inside the Embassy Suites. Also, they have a daughter in the senior pairs competition. I hope someone is able to purchase the ticket for the Men's/Ladies Free Skate.


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    NicoleM Guest


    Ack, sorry to have missed the deadline! I would have loved to buy this ticket.

    P.S. Their daughter is a wonderful skater!

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    NicoleM Guest


    P.P.S. I know I missed the deadline, but I PMed and emailed anyway, just in case!

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    pjsam Guest


    Nicole, I have their cell phone number if you would like me to find out if the ticket is still for sale.


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    NicoleM Guest


    Thanks Samantha! As it turned out, emailing worked, and I am going to buy the men's final ticket (assuming they still have it when I get there on Thursday, LOL).

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    NicoleM Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks to cappel for holding the men's free ticket for me til I was able to get down here and buy it. It's an awesome seat, and I will enjoy seeing the men's final from it tomorrow!

    P.S. Please congratulate your daughter for me on her outstanding long program!


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