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Thread: North Atlantic Regionals at Hackensack Ice House

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    Default North Atlantic Regionals at Hackensack Ice House

    The competition is being held October 16-October 20. The dates overlap with TEB (Oct 15-18) but the Senior events at NA Regionals are all scheduled for the 19 and 20 after TEB is over. So I'll be able to see both events..watching Mao, Yuna, Elene, Caroline, Carolina and Sasha on the internet and cheering at Regionals in person.

    Schedule of events


    Skaters to watch - Samantha Cesario, Angela Maxwell, Taylor Firth, Amanda Gordon and Emily Hughes if she isn't ill or injured. I really like Camille Menendez and hope she had a good skate and places well.

    I'm rooting for Michael Solonoski to make it to Sectionals. This will probably be his last year of eligible skating and I wish him well.
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    There's quite a few skaters from my local rink that will be competing in the lower levels (Novice, Intermediate, Juvenile, Pre-Juvenile). I'm actually not sure where they'll be between non-qualifying and qualifying events. We had a send off exhibition this past week. In fact, I have to miss a lesson because my coach will be there instead! Including the skaters you've mentioned... I'm really excited to see how regionals will turn out this season!

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