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Thread: Just started skating

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    Default Just started skating


    I finally joined an adult skating class at my local figure skating club and loved it! I started following figure skating in my teens when Michelle first appeared and have always enjoyed skating even though I wasn't very good. I always thought I was too old to start, but at 30, not only did I start skating, but I also started playing soccer, another sport I have always enjoyed. I was never really good at sports at school, so was reluctant to join anything. I'm so glad my 30s crisis seems to have been a very positive one.

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    Congrats & have fun! Just take it element by element & a year or so from now,
    you will be surprised at how much you will be able to do!!

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    Cold session is coming and icing start on our areas now this vecations i have started ice skating classes also i really loved it i finding a good school can any one tell me the local or good school name.

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    naganosilver98 Guest


    How exciting! Enjoy your time on the ice

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    Default New adult skaters

    Welcome to the world of adult skating. So glad to hear of other adults starting to learn. Its been frustrating and wonderful at the same time. I have a wonderful coach and have met some great people. Take your time and enjoy it.

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