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Thread: Exercises to improve height in jumps?

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    Question Exercises to improve height in jumps?

    Back in February 2006 I got a groin injury which lasted through early 2008. During that time I felt moderate to severe pain performing basic spins and every jump so I stopped doing those for a long time. During this time I focused my skating on field moves as very few of those patterns irritated my injury.

    In the past year I began working on spins again, but because my sister injured her hip flexor (around the time that my groin started to feel better), and we do semi-private lessons together with the same coach, there hasn't been much focus on jumping over the past year since I've felt 100% healed. My sister went through physical therapy and has the go-ahead to start working on jumps again so therefore I've begun doing this as well. My problem is that I've lost the jump in my jumps. I can barely get off the ice in my Loop. I don't have as much time now to go out to the rink to practice as I did three years ago and I think the lack of time I have to practice is part of the problem.

    I was wondering if anyone on here has any "do at home" exercises that I could do to help build jumping strength again, especially for the Loop (as that is my problem jump). I'm currently unemployed and very, very tight on money so I can't afford to go buy any fancy equipment or sign up at a gym so I'm restricted to stuff I can do at home.

    Any tips/help, on-ice exercises will be appreciated. Thank you!


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    I think me, you, Michael and Donnie should live and train together at some sort of ice skater's heaven! (EWIP?!)

    Other than that, I don't have any tips. I haven't been in on the ice but a couple of times the past few months because of everything that has been going on. The only rink in a 150 mile radius is just 25 miles away and I can't even afford that... let alone money for ice sessions and private lessons.

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    I'll tell you what I do and hopefully it's something that helps. I quite often practice rotating off the ice. I do rotation from standstill positions, and also emulate the jumps and rotate. The most common ones I practice are the axel, loop, and flip/lutz. I follow a similar warm-up and training style I used to do when competing. Eventually, I will start doing off-ice double axels once I gain more strength over the next few weeks and months.

    The key is to first master doing those manuevers. I typically do all double rotations, but singles work fine too, especially if you're focusing on height. I always advise skaters to use their KNEES. Having nice bendable knees is the key ingredient to getting proper height on your jumps. All too often I see skaters that skate with very stiff knees and everything is so much more difficult that way.

    Also, when you feel like you're bending enough you're probably not. The other day I was watching a video of me doing back crossovers, and although I felt very straight, and very much bended in the knees to gain great speed, I looked like I could have gotten even deeper into the knees to make them look even more fluid. Like my coach used to tell me all the time, sometimes exaggerating the position will help the technique in the long-run. In this case, pushing yourself to bend even more than what normally feels comfortable might be a good thing.

    So once you master doing off-ice rotating with a focus on bending, I would also advise using ankle weights to gain more strength. Lets face it, when you're off ice and practicing, you don't have the weight of skates to pull you down faster, so I like to use ankle weights. I purposely use weights that are heavier than regular skates (about 5 lbs per ankle, but 2 lbs works well too) in order to get more strength. I think once you practice with the weights, and get good height off the ice, you'll see a change when you're on the ice. It might feel funny at first, and it might throw you off your axis, but once you get used to them, they'll be a huge help.

    Lastly, a very simple instruction, but STRETCH very, very well. The looser your body feels, the easier it'll be for you to get better height. I usually spend about 30 mins stretching before I get on the ice. Then stretch frequently during my time on the ice just to keep my legs fresh. Plus, since I've only been skating about 3 hours a week so far, it's very important that I stretch well, and I really notice a difference in jumps when my legs feel loose.

    Hope this helps
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